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WDW Trivia and Games Discuss Disney History: A Disney Paintball Legend in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I remember reading in late 80's or early 90's that a group of people (namely a disney exec) got to play a game of paintball in one of the disney ...
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    Disney History: A Disney Paintball Legend

    I remember reading in late 80's or early 90's that a group of people (namely a disney exec) got to play a game of paintball in one of the disney parks during regular hours as a kind of exibition of the new sport. Can anyone confirm this? And if so do pictures of the event exist online?


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    I have actually never heard of that. While it makes for good legend, and would be incredibly fun to do, I'd have to think that it wasn't done only because of the mess the paintballs would make.
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    I did a search and the only thing I found was from a paintball site and dated October 2003 and I dont know acurate the info is the following
    A tradition in Paintball, the World Cup, is being held the 18th through 26th of October. This year the tournament is finding a new venue in the Orlando, Florida area The ABC Wide World Of Sports complex at Walt Disney World. This venue, which is used for all sorts of sports competitions throughout the year means plenty of amenities on site, paved parking and well groomed playing surfaces. In 2003 a single field was set up next to the Wide World of Sports parking lot for the NCPA X Ball Finals and NXL exhibition matches the day after World Cup. This demonstration allowed the Disney staff to see the impact of an operating paintball field on their facilities, and paved the way for this venue in 2003. Like the rest of the PSP season Word Cup will have open competitions in 5 player, 10 player, and X Ball formats. Additionally the event will host the 2003 season finals competition for the NXL, National X Ball League professional play. With the number of fields on site, and parking on one side of the facility, Disney is working with Paintball Sports Promotions to provide intra site transportation, shuttling players and their gear between the parking and staging areas. Cross promotions are planned to bring in more of the general public and Disney visitors as spectators who will get to view not only the competitions but the World Cup trade show as well. Admission is not charged for the Wide World of Sports Complex, but Disney is offering discounted entry to the other Walt Disney World theme parks to World Cup attendees who wish to combine the tournament with a family vacation. For registration information, see For the series rankings of teams heading into the World Cup, see

    According to info from other sites the tournament did come back in 2004 also.

    What you are refering to may have been an exhibition type thing in a limited area that had walls put up. Is that a possibllity Lou?

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