PBK2RenderThe #1 question I get year after year is, “How do I save money at Walt Disney World?”

I know that bringing the family to Walt Disney World is something so many families dream about, plan for, and SAVE toward. But guess what? A Disney vacation doesn’t have to take years of saving and budgeting!

In this comprehensive, detailed, 197-page guide, Disney expert Lou Mongello will detail for you 102 ways you can have the most magical Disney vacation without breaking the bank! Lou Mongello is an author, host and producer of an award-winning podcast, and recognized Walt Disney World expert. He has spent a lifetime traveling to, studying, and reporting on Walt Disney World. His first-hand expertise will GUARANTEE you can have the Disney vacation you envision for your family at a rate more affordable than you might have expected! Lou MongelloGenerously supported with links to relevant websites and enriched with insider anecdotes, trivia, and beautiful images, the 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World guide is a MUST HAVE for any family planning toward a Disney vacation. Are you asking yourself how to save money at Walt Disney World? Whether you have been to Walt Disney World dozens of times, or you are planning your first experience, you are guaranteed to create a more budget-friendly experience, whether you are traveling solo, with a friend, or with a family. Included in this user-friendly e-book are money-saving strategies for:

  • How to save before you go
  • When to visit to get the most value and “bang for your buck”
  • Where to stay
  • Purchasing Disney theme park tickets
  • Saving on Dining in and out of the parks
  • Disney souvenirs and merchandise

Save Money at Walt Disney World Money Back GuaranteeIn addition to his money-saving tips, Mongello includes information on 40 experiences and items you can get FOR FREE! Tours, souvenirs, and experiences are profiled that will enrich your stay without hurting your budget. We are absolutely certain this guide will help you to save money. In fact, we have a money-back guarantee – if you are unable to save money after reading this book, you will get the purchase price back! A perfect investment for those who dream of giving their family the experience of a Walt Disney World vacation, 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World is the authoritative guide to a budget-friendly vacation. The book is available in a variety of different formats, including print (from Amazon.com), Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and PDF!


“Lou Mongello has created the ultimate, ‘must-have’ resource guide for anyone going to Walt Disney World. His vast knowledge, experience and passion for everything Disney shines through every colorful, easy-to-read page loaded with amazing tips and information. Simply, awesome!!!”

~ Stacey J. Aswad – Host of Walt Disney World’s Top 7 Must Sees & Must Do Disney and VOBuzzWeekly.com

102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World by Lou Mongello

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102 Ways To Save Money Walt Disney World - iPadWould you be willing to invest around $14 to possibly save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next Walt Disney World vacation? What if I told you it was guaranteed? Well, it is! Not only do I believe that you will improve the value of your vacation experience for your dollar, I guarantee that if you use even just a few of the tips in this book, that you will be able to save money for and during your next Walt Disney World vacation. If you don’t, let me know what you did and why it didn’t work, and I’ll gladly refund the purchase price of your book. 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World is your one-stop handbook for practical information and tips on how to save money for your next Walt Disney World vacation, and to get the most out of every dollar while you’re there in ways you may have never knew even existed! PLUS, you’ll get 40 FREE things to enjoy, do eat and collect! Most importantly, THANK YOU for purchasing the book. I sincerely hope it not only helps you have the best possible Disney vacation experience, but brings you a little bit of “Disney magic” to wherever you are, whenever you need it. – Lou Mongello — To learn more about me, visit LouMongello.com

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What People on Amazon.com Are Saying about 102 Ways To Save Money For and At Walt Disney World:

★★★★★ Expert Advice!This is now a Disney Must-Do, and I recommend highly to WDW pros and newbies. Besides all the money saving tips, this is a beautiful book with great photos. Easy, quick read of lists and bullets. – By Theresa Passmore

★★★★★  Love saving money! – 102 gave me new ideas to save more without sacrificing having a fun and enjoyable vacation. – By Jeffrey Thanks
★★★★★ Best book ever!!This is the best book I have ever read!! super helpful and we have already save money by using it!!! – By Sbear
★★★★★ You need this book!Any questions you have on what you can do to save money on a WDW trip can be found here. Lou writes in easy to understand language. You can feel his enthusiasm coming through the pages. Each chapter begins with a beautiful photo someplace on property. You’ll want to re-read this over and over. A must have for all your WDW trip planning. –  By Jim Orehosky
★★★★★ Time is money - I sped through the book, super easy fast read and laid out exceptionally well. If you’re just now looking at taking your first trip or it’s been a few years since your last vacation to Walt Disney World, this is a must buy. – By Brian
★★★★★ A Must!I am a huge Disney fan and have been to the World many times and he was able to surprise me with tips I had never heard of. So it is an absolute must read. Very helpful. – By Barbara Schreurs
★★★★★ Great information delivered in an easy to read layout - It is worth every penny and probably more. The book is loaded with things you know, things you don’t and things you thought you knew but actually don’t. Chapters are laid out very simply and that comes in handy when trying to quickly access specific sections. I now feel even more confident about getting the most out of our trip – By R. Santos

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Here are just a few of the online reviews:

  • “Definitely grab this book if you’re planning a trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth.” – Nerd in the Real World
  • “With vivid photographs of the resort and well-researched tips, this is a must have for any Disney fan whether you make yearly trips or are thinking about going for the first time.” Examiner.com
  • “I would recommend 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World to anyone. Whether it is your first trip you are planning or you happen to be looking for that one thing to make your one-hundredth trip just a bit more affordable or magical, Lou Mongello has you covered.” – Main Street Gazette
  • “The book I wish I had written!” – MonorailMom.com
  • “I found this book to be a gold mine of useful information and clever tips. You’ll save so much while you’re on vacation, it will pay for itself before you even get there.” – 3111 World Drive
  • “Covering every imaginable way to save from early in the planning stages until you say “See Ya Real Soon” to the house of mouse, each method is explained with candor and humor so uniquely Lou’s that this is really a must read for any WDW Radio fan… it truly is a one stop shop for saving more money for (and even on) souvenirs.” – Adventure in the Great While Somewhere
  • “I loved this book!  (I really, really did.)  There were a lot of practical tips and the layout and organization will make it easy to go back and use it in all of the stages of our next Disney World vacation.  And, being an e-book, I won’t have to add it to our packing list.  I can access it on my phone or iPad while we are there.” – Practically Unperfect in Every Way
  • “This book is a compendium of money-saving resources that can’t be rivaled. With 102 Ways to Save Money For & At Walt Disney World it’s all in the palm of your hand.”  – A Busy Dad of Two
  • “This book really does have something to offer even the most seasoned WDW vets… this is absolutely going to be a book I recommend to anyone planning a trip to Walt Disney World. There is immense value in the overviews Lou provides that take this beyond just a list of budget-friendly ideas to an excellent, must-have trip-planning resource.” – For the Love of Disney
  • “Let this book help you to make the most out of your vacation dollars and your trip to Walt Disney World, whether you’re there for a day or a week. Even I learned some tips that will save money after my 14 years and countless visits to my favorite place!” – A Disney Girl in Orlando
  • “Believe it or not, after working more than four years at the WDW Resort, and frequently visiting as Disney Vacation Club Member and Annual Passholder – there were some really neat free things listed that I had never even heard about or considered….

    the close attention to the most up-to-date details as possible was incredibly admirable… and [I] will certainly be reaching to it as I plan future staycations (and even day trips) to Walt Disney World, and sharing it as a “go to” tool to others.”- Shaiwase Life

  • Every page in this E-book will save you valuable time and money… If you have a trip planned or are even thinking about it, you should really consider getting your self a copy of this E-book or recommend it to a friend.  Lou is someone that you can trust to make sure you have a great trip to WDW”  – The Maz Disney Blog
  • “[Lou Mongello] is a passionate Disney fan and knows the parks like no one else. You can trust his insight into all things Disney, and his newest book is a fabulous compilation of the money saving tricks he’s used for years!” – Kim Button, KimandCarrie.com
  • “I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is considering planning a trip to Walt Disney World. By following many of the 102 tips in this book… you will easily save yourself at a minimum in the high hundreds of dollars on your next vacation. The costs of the book itself will more than pay for itself in the long run!” – Kevin, FrugalMouse.com

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