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Walt Disney World Trivia Book: Secrets, History & Fun Facts Behind the Magic

by Louis A. Mongello

Walt Disney World fans just can’t get enough information about the world’s most popular family destination! Now you can add another dimension to any family’s visit to the resort with a book that is both informative and can be used as a game. Not a travel planner, not a guidebook, but a unique and entertaining collection of hundreds of multiple-choice trivia questions, filled with secrets and interesting, little-known facts about all aspects of Walt Disney World. This book will help you discover Walt Disney World’s secrets, history, hidden treasures, and the little details that make everything so wonderful. It is divided into six chapters.

The book is divided into chapters that correspond with the resort’s sprawling geography, encompassing the theme parks, resort hotels and more! Chapter One covers the “World” in general; the next four chapters cover each of the theme parks; and the sixth and last focuses on the areas “Beyond the Parks” – the resort hotels, the monorail, Downtown Disney, and the water parks. Each chapter begins with multiple-choice questions, followed by the correct answers and additional fun facts about the subject. Chapter Two: The Magic Kingdom opens with general questions about the park and then is subdivided by land (Adventureland, Frontierland, etc.), while Chapter Three: Epcot, starts with general questions and then is subdivided by its two “Worlds.” Thus, a question about Space Mountain, for example, would be found in the Tomorrowland section of Chapter Two. The questions in Chapter One challenge you to remember WDW history and to identify where in WDW you might find a particular character, prop, attraction, etc. or hear a particular line of dialogue (taken from an attraction script or theme song).

It also includes questions related to any and all parts of WDW. Chapter Six, in contrast, quizzes you specifically on your knowledge of the non-theme park parts of WDW. Walt Disney World has gone through many changes in its 30-plus years. So some questions let readers take a step back in time to revisit original concepts and attractions that no longer exist. Fans who miss Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or were never able to experience Horizons firsthand, for example, can stay in touch or get better acquainted with them here. To add to the fun, you’ll find fascinating tidbits of information highlighted throughout the book. Looking for all the information you can get about a particular ride, resort, or whatever? Check the Index and look for your subject by name. And try not to be too disappointed if you don’t find it. While this book contains hundreds of questions about Walt Disney World, WDW has thousands of nooks and crannies. One book simply can’t cover them all.

Arranged geographically and presented as brain-teasing multiple choice questions, the book lets you test your own hard-won Disney knowledge. Then, turn to the answers to get in-depth historical and background information that will add new dimensions to your enjoyment of your favorite vacation destination. Use it to pass the time in line or put it by your bedside for a “daily dose of Disney.” Use it for friendly competitions among family and friends or secretly bone up to dazzle everyone with the depth of your Disney scholarship.

You can also read it at home while you plan your trip, keep the kids amused on the plane or in the car, use it to prepare for your visit to the parks, play trivia games and conduct “spot quizzes” while waiting in line, or relive the magic of your visit back at the hotel or once you get home!

It’s a whole new way to enjoy the Disney magic for fans of all ages!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of multiple-choice questions you can find in the Walt Disney World Trivia Book:

How many attractions were running on the Disney-MGM Studios’ opening day?
a.) 5
b.) 7
c.) 9
d.) 11

ANSWER: a.) 5 The Studios opened May 1, 1989, with just five attractions and an exhibit. They included The Monster Sound Show, SoundWorks (the exhibit), and SuperStar Television (all presented by Sony), plus The Great Movie Ride, The Magic of Disney Animation, and The Backstage Studio Tour (later split into two attractions, a tram tour called Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour and a walking tour called Backstage Pass ).

Where will you find the “Torre del Cielo”?
a.) Mexico Pavilion
b.) Pecos Bill Cafe
c.) El Pirate Y El Perico
d.) Pirates of the Caribbean

ANSWER: d.) Pirates of the Caribbean The Torre del Cielo (“Tower of the Sky”) stands near the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean in Caribbean Plaza. Near the top of this tall tower, you will find a working clock.

There are four character greeting trails at Camp Minnie-Mickey in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a.) Rainforest
b.) Arbor
c.) Jungle
d.) Mickey

ANSWER a.) Rainforest The four trails character greeting trails in Camp Minnie Mickey are: Forest, Arbor, Mickey, and Jungle, and guests can meet Mickey and his pals there every day.

Did You Know? When Walt Disney World turned 15 years old in 1986, prizes were given out every 15 seconds. Tickets given to guests entering the park awarded the prizes, which ranged from small buttons to full-sized automobiles.

About how many acres of the more than 30,000 that make up Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) are actually developed?
a.) 4,500
b.) 7,100
c.) 11,000
d.) 21,000

ANSWER: b.) 7,100. WDW comprises 47 square miles of land. With less than one quarter of it developed, there’s quite a lot of room for expansion – even allowing for the 7,500-acre Wildlife Management Conservation Area set aside by Walt Disney himself.

What is the largest pavilion in Epcot?
a.) Mission: SPACE
b.) The Living Seas
c.) The Land
d.) Ellen’s Energy Adventure

ANSWER c.) The Land The Land pavilion measures 253,780 square feet and covers six acres. Its main building holds up to 3,600 people and currently includes three attractions: a guided behind-the-scenes tour, a great little food court, and a wonderful character-meal restaurant. It will have a fourth attraction when Soarin’ opens in 2005. As you enter The Land, you will pass the largest flower bed on property. It measures 20,000 square feet and contains about 20,000 plants. Working greenhouses and labs are also housed in this pavilion.

Did You Know? That there are exactly 12,213 parking spaces in the Magic Kingdom’s parking lot? And by 10:00 a.m. on Christmas Day, they’re completely filled up!

And that’s just a small sample of some of the questions and fun facts you’ll find in the Walt Disney World Trivia Book!