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The Walt Disney World Trivia Book VOLUME II

Explore hundreds of new WDW secrets and fun facts with this ALL-NEW collection of multiple-choice questions and little-known details about the world’s most magical destination. Dip in for a fun fact to brighten your day. Or take it along on your next trip to Disney World to add extra magic to your visit

Some reviews of Volume II…

Lou has done it again with another Disney trivia book, that’s anything but just another trivia book! He has a tremendous amount of dedication and really has done his homework! If you want to be the “Disney World know it all” this book is for you.

- D. Oneal,

I was hooked on your book from the very first page! After having rec’d a loaner copy of your book from one of my Disney “fanatic” employees, I went straight to a local Barnes and Noble to get a copy for my brother. Your “About the Author” reminded me so much of him, as he is articulate, intelligent, fun loving and still 12 years old in a 29 year old body. I and my family will be spending much time enjoying your book, reminiscing about our trips, and eagerly anticipating the next opportunity we have to go “The Happiest Place on Earth”. – DWP, RN

Lou has dug up enough tidbits… that make this more than just for the Disney-fanatics like himself and his podcast fans. He makes the book interesting for anyone who likes Walt Disney World… I would recommend it to any family planning a Walt Disney World vacation as a great way to get psyched up for the trip. – Doug

This book will open up a whole new world within “The World” to you. Your vacation experience will be enhanced 10 fold as you bring all of Lou’s trivia and facts with you on your next Disney vacation. A must read for any true Walt Disney World fan. – RPI

I loved Volume I and was so excited to hear that Volume II was on its way. Rest assured that Volume II does not contain facts already in Volume I! A lot of work was definitely put into this book and I thoroughly enjoy sharing these fun tidbits of information with family and friends who also have a love of all things Disney. The book is organized in a ‘quiz-like’ format so it’s easy to quiz yourself and check your answers on the answer pages. Absolutely a fun read! - Arianne

Half the book is devoted to hundreds of multiple choice questions; the other half answers each question at length with fascinating tidbits about the history and operation of Walt Disney World… [An] amusing means to while away time in the car while driving to Disney World. – Midwest Book Review

A New Generation of Disney World Secrets, History and Fun Facts

Did you know that Walt Disney had an apartment built for his family inside Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World (WDW) in Orlando, Florida? If you know where to look, you can spot it on your next visit.

“Look for three tall windows with pointed arches near the top of the castle, facing Fantasyland and Liberty Square,” instructs Louis Mongello, Disney World fan extraordinaire and author of a series of trivia books about the popular family resort.

Mongello has collected thousands of fun facts about the design, creation, maintenance and upkeep of the world’s most popular vacation destination, from the number of passengers the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can accommodate (thirty), to the centerpiece planned for Disney’s Animal Kingdom before Disney Imagineers settled on the Tree of Life (a giant carousel).

Test Your Disney World Knowledge

1. The first large parcel of land used for WDW was purchased from whom?
a) An Orange county resident
b) A Florida state senator
c) The state of Florida
d) Busch Gardens
2. It may be a pirate’s life for me, but about how long is the actual boat ride in Pirates of the Caribbean?
a) 4 minutes
b) 10 minutes
c) 16 minutes
d) 21 minutes
3. What science fiction writer collaborated on Spaceship Earth?
a) Isaac Asimov
b) Carl Sagan
c) Gene Roddenberry
d) Ray Bradbury

(Answers at bottom of page)

“I find the more I learn about how Disney creates its wonderful effects and the extraordinary efforts they go through to make WDW so special, the more magical it becomes,” he explains. And he loves to share that magic.

In 2004, Mongello mined his knowledge of all things Disney World to write The Walt Disney World Trivia Book, a compendium that tests the reader’s knowledge with a series of multiple-choice questions and fact-filled answers. The book scored a resounding success with Disney fans the world over who use the book to quiz each other for points, or just for fun, as they travel to WDW, wait in line at the attractions, or just dream of going there.

Egged on by fans who frequent the forums on his web site, DisneyWorldTrivia.com, Louis Mongello redoubled his research efforts to create a second volume. The Walt Disney World Trivia Book, Volume 2, is packed with close to a thousand new facts, questions and answers. The book is arranged geographically and has an extensive index, making it easy to zero in on the topics that are of most interest.

Mongello first visited WDW at age three, just a month after the park opened. He has been collecting Disney lore ever since. Now a successful attorney and an expert in computer databases, he is sharing his love of all things Disney with a new generation of Mongellos. “That’s my daughter, Marion Rose, on the cover of Volume 2,” he notes with pride.

If you’re curious about Walt’s secret Cinderella apartment, Volume 2 offers the inside story. It seems Walt never got to stay there; he passed away before construction was completed and the project was abandoned. Since the park opened, the space has been used for storage, a telephone switchboard, and a dressing room. Recently, Walt Disney World announced plans to turn the space into an actual apartment and offer stays there as a prize in an upcoming promotion.

Here’s What the Critics Say About Volume One:

“Browsing through the pages of The Walt Disney World Trivia Book is almost as much fun as being there!” -- The Bookwatch

“I would recommend this book to any true Disney nut.” — Gavin Haubelt, MickeyNews.com

“Anyone who is lucky enough to pick up Mongello’s book will find it to be very entertaining.” — Mike Scopa, staff writer, AllEars.net

“A fun way to relive visits to the park or to read on a flight or auto trip as preparation.” — Dennis Tanner, Booth Newspapers Sunday Travel News

“Fun, challenging, and informative.” — Midwest Book Review

“Even the biggest WDW fans will likely have some difficulty in picking the right answer to each question.” — Ken Pellman, The Laughing Place

“Mongello brings the ‘magic’ to life.” — Seton Hall Magazine

“I suggest you pick up a copy.” — Jim Hill, jimhillmedia.com

Test Your Disney World Knowledge Answers

1. b.) A Florida state senator

In October 1964, Florida state senator Ira Bronson sold the first large parcel of land that ultimately became the WDW property. He sold his 8,380 acres of desolate swampland for a whopping $107 per acre.

2. b.) 10 minutes

The WDW version of Pirates of the Caribbean is a little bit shorter than the one in Disneyland, which has a longer drop and additional scenes.

3. d.) Ray Bradbury

Bradbury, the author of such classic novels as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, and Dandelion Wine, developed many of the ideas for Spaceship Earth. Bradbury also contributed to the Orbitron space ride at Disneyland Paris and wrote the basic concept for the U.S. pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.