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The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS-Walt Disney World is a magical vacation destination that captures the imagination of young and old alike. Its theme parks are so distinct, it’s almost like taking four different vacations in one. Yet with so many potential diversions, where does a luxury-seeking visitor begin?

“The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World: How to Get the Most Out of the Best Disney Has to Offer” is designed for those who wish to tour Walt Disney World in style by staying in the most luxurious resorts, dining at the best restaurants, and having a top-drawer entertainment experience. Written by world traveler and Disney aficionado Cara Goldsbury-a many-time visitor to the park-this book overflows with tips, techniques, and insider information that will guarantee a splendid vacation.

Is it possible for sophisticated travelers to really enjoy themselves in the land of Mickey Mouse? The answer is a resounding, “Absolutely!” With proper planning, Goldsbury shows readers how they can create a stress-free vacation-including the best time of year to visit Disney, which resort will be most suitable for their family and lifestyle, how to stay in the finest room possible for the lowest price, and which attractions are most worthwhile given their interests. All the Disney theme parks are included-the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom-as well as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and other nearby theme parks.

The book emphasizes that the most successful vacations are those that are carefully planned and researched months ahead of time. Because of Disney´s sheer size and the huge variety of choices it offers, forethought is a necessity. Goldsbury includes a wealth of options to fit the luxury-seeking vacationer, rating them according to price and level of fun, and whether they are suitable for adults, children, or both. Because some options are perfect for almost everyone but others are not, knowing the choices ahead of time can mean the difference between a smooth trip or an exasperating one.

The author covers the weather and what clothes to pack. She goes over what holidays and dates are busiest at the park and what times of year visitors are most apt to find things quieter. Telephone numbers and web addresses are included for making reservations and obtaining more specific, up-to-the-minute information on events and pricing. Detailed information on transportation options both to and from-as well as within-Walt Disney World and the resorts is also included.

Accommodations are described in great detail, including square footage of rooms and suites, themes, and views from the windows or balconies, giving newcomers as well as veterans tips on how they can get the most pampering for their money. Full-length restaurant reviews are included, as well as menu items and specialty dining options.

The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World can be purchased in bookstores, from www.amazon.com or by sending $19.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling) to BookMasters Inc., 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, OH 44805. Call credit card orders to 1-800-247-6553, fax 419-281-6883.

Bowman Books, PO Box 15309, San Antonio, TX 78212, 210-215-4288 www.luxurydisneyguide.com


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