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Have Fun at 50’s Prime Time Café by Playing Along

My DH and I participated in two of these on our last trip to WDW. We had breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom and dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom. Both were wonderful experiences that I will always remember by the great pictures I took.

On this trip, we discovered a different kind of “character” dining experience. This was at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney MGM Studios.

My DH and I traveled with his cousin Chuck and his wife, Kerry, and met up with another cousin, Adam, who was a Cast Member. (Adam and Chuck are brothers.) Kerry had read about the Prime Time Café, and Adam had told her all about it, and she was really looking forward to going there. DH and I ran thru there real quick on our honeymoon and DH was kind of put off on how the waiters and waitresses were acting. I thought we should still give it a try, so we decided to go along with them.

Our Priority Seating was for [7:45] on a Monday night and they took us right on time. We were told that Cousin Julie would be our waitress.

Cousin Julie looked to be about my age (24-28) and we had a lot of fun with her right from the start. She made DH take his hat off, told me I could keep mine because I was a Princess and then told us, “Elbows off the table!” She took our drink orders and was off to the kitchen. I immediately got a case of the giggles. Cousin Julie was really going to be into keeping character, and I was willing to play along. DH also was going to get into it, and he put his hat back on! Cousin Julie came back with our drinks and caught DH with his hat back on. She took his hat and gave it to Chuck and said to keep it. She took our food orders, and mine was (as usual) very picky. I didn’t want vegetables, I didn’t want the sauce that came on the chicken, I wanted the mashed potatoes but the gravy on the side. I also didn’t want the chicken to touch the potatoes. I wasn’t trying to cause trouble, this is how I always order my food.

She made me take my hat off.

Our food came pretty fast, and my chicken had little tomatoes cut up in cubes on top of it. I moved them fast over to DH’s plate and Cousin Julie said I never told her to leave off the tomatoes. I told Cousin Julie that they weren’t listed on the menu! We both knew the other was playing along in good fun, so there were no hard feelings. DH had snuck his hat back on and Cousin Julie snatched it as she walked by and put it on the top shelf near the entryway.

Everyone LOVED what they ordered. DH had the pork tenderloin, I had the grilled chicken, Kerry had the meatloaf and Chuck and Adam had pot roast. We were all in agreement that this was the best Disney meal ever, and well worth the prices we were about to pay.

Cousin Julie came by with the Viewmaster to take our dessert orders, and I ordered a piece of chocolate cake with nothing on it. Adam and Kerry also ordered dessert, but I can’t remember what. Cousin Julie headed into the kitchen to give Grandpa our orders. On her way out, we heard a loud crash from the kitchen, and Cousin Julie was laughing and insisting “It wasn’t me!” I shouted to her “Yes it was!” She smiled and glared at me at the same time. “Are you being a brat?” she asked. I proudly said, “Yes I am!” She rushed over to me, grabbed me by my ear and dragged me to the center of the room. She told me to put my nose on the wall, which I did laughing the whole time! She yelled out loud, “Attention everyone! Your cousin here is not only very particular about her food, but she is also being a brat! Would you all tell her to stop being a brat?” The restaurant replied with “Stop being a brat!” Cousin Julie then turned me to face another table and she said, “Apologize to your cousins because they don’t have their food yet because of you!” I was laughing so hard I could barely squeak out an “I’m sorry!” and then Cousin Julie let me sit back down.

We had such a fun time here! Cousin Julie took a picture with me and signed a napkin for me. It says “Stop being a brat! Love Cousin Julie”. DH, who was skeptical about going, admitted that he had a great time, a great meal, and he would definitely go back!

If you haven’t tried the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, you should! The food was great, and if you’re willing to play along and have some fun with the staff, you’ll have such a great time!

Happy traveling!