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The Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents

They were then shipped to Guatemala along with numerous photographs of the presidents, as well as notes, and sculptured and painted hair. The Guatemalan wig makers then created authentic wigs for each president.

  • All of the Presidents’ outfits are hand-tailored, using similar sewing techniques and styles of cutting and stitching used during each term in office.
  • The chair in which the Audio-Animatronic George Washington sits is an authentic reproduction of the chair in which he sat during the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
  • Although George W. Bush is the 43rd president, only 42 individuals have served in the office, (and therefore there are only 42 figures in the Hall), with Grover Cleveland having served as president during two separate terms.
  • Disney Imagineers performed extensive research before creating the likenesses of each President, including consulting with White House staff on the president’s hairstyle, clothing, and even mannerisms. Additionally, Imagineers reviewed audio and video tapes of each President where available.
  • Questions asked of White House staff by Imagineers included: “Does he wear a wedding band? Does he wear a class ring? What kind of a watch does he have? Who makes his shoes?” The White House Communications staff was able to provide all of that information, and for Presidents such as Bush and Clinton, included their height, suit size, etc.
  • The figure of President Bush is accurate right down to his watch. “It’s a Timex Indiglo with ‘George W. Bush President January 20, 2001’ inscribed on it,” says Walt Disney Imagineering Senior Show Producer Alec Scribner. “We duplicated it to a T. We bought the same type of watch, placed his name on the face, put the crystal back on and that watch is on the figure’s wrist.”
  • The suit President Bush wears is also one of his personal favorites – it is dark blue with a white shirt – and had to be specially made to fit the Audio Animatronics figure due to their internal mechanisms. His red tie is authentic, made by the same designer who provides most of the Chief Executive’s ties.