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Traveling Solo to Walt Disney World

Now, hard as you try, you can’t find anyone to tag along. Don’t fret, go solo!

I have been traveling to Disney World for years by myself and have loved every minute. Yet, I have never felt lonely. How can one who is traveling by themselves not feel lonely? Simple, most Disney lovers like ourselves enjoy talking to each other. For example, I had someone say to me while shopping in MouseGear, “You really do get around, this is the third park I have seen you in today!”and we had a pleasant five minute talk.

When you’re by yourself you set the pace you visit parks without worrying if you’re going too fast or too slow. You can skip the things that bore you, or ride Space Mountain five times in a row if that is what you want. There won’t be time wasted discussing what to do next, whether it is going on rides or where and when to eat. Being by yourself doesn’t mean you have to limit your meals to counter service either. I have been able to eat at sit down restaurants even without having a PS. I just went as close as I could to the time they started serving and never had too long of a wait.

Remember when traveling by yourself, you open up possibilities that you might not have had if you were with others. So, don’t be afraid, travel solo!