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Mission: Space Tragedy Update

Reedy Creek paramedics and Disney Cast Members at the scene tried to revive him, but he passed away at 5 pm that evening at Celebration Hospital.

Daudi, 4 years old, met the height requirement of 44 inches, and was allowed to ride Mission Space with his mother and sister. During the ride, Daudi’s, mother, noticed that Daudi’s body was rigid and his legs were stretched straight out. She told the detectives she thought her son was just frightened and she held his hand.

After an autopsy was done on Tuesday the medical examiner reported that the body showed no signs of trauma, further tests are being done to determine the exact cause of young Daudi’s death. However, this process could take four to 12 weeks to complete.

According to Disney spokeswoman, Jacquee Polak, Disney believes “the ride is safe in its current configuration.”, and the ride is operating on normal schedule again.

Speculation by Disney fans on the internet is that there will now be an age requirement besides the height requirement for attractions such as Mission: Space. However, Disney has not stated anything to that fact, and this is purely fan speculation.

Since 2003, seven people have been taken to nearby hospitals due to nausea, fainting or, chest pains after they experienced Mission: Space. Mission: Space has also been recorded as having the most hospital visits for a single attraction from an Orlando theme park.

About Mission: Space

Mission: Space is a centrifuge attraction that recreates the g-force experiences that astronaut feels taking off and traveling in space.