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Disney’s PhotoMOVIE – Sneak Preview!

And according to the Disney web site, http://www.disneyphotomovie.com , this amazing new product is in "Sneak Preview Beta Release" .

The site contains a small video sample of the type of DVD Guests will receive, and states: "The PhotoMovie is a one-of-a-kind vacation keepsake, combining your memories with the magic of the Walt Disney World ® Resort. At DisneyPhotoMovie.com you add your own digital photos and claim your Disney’s PhotoPass images. We add the Disney magic with breathtaking video, music and playful Disney characters."

"Relive your Disney vacation in a one of a kind DVD starring you alongside the Disney characters. Include up to 68 of your own photos in 5 customized chapters, plus get a full-screen photo slide show.

Introductory price of $49.95! Plus get additional copies for just $19.95! Gather the family together to create your PhotoMovie in 4 easy steps."

The DVD will also include, "…a bonus slideshow video of all the images in your movie displayed full-screen for 5 seconds, accompanied by Disney music. Depending on the number of photos you include, the total running time for your DVD will be up to 20 minutes, up to 10 minutes for the PhotoMovie and 10 minutes for the slide show."

"The PhotoMovie is available in DVD format only at this time. The Movie is recorded on a DVD-R format disc and is compatible with most DVD players, computers with DVD drives and game consoles. Check our DVD player compatibility page to see if the PhotoMovie will play on your DVD player.

The PhotoMovie DVD has no region code and should play in any world region if it meets the other compatibility guidelines in this Help document.

The video is NTSC format, playable on NTSC-compatible TVs and DVD players. NTSC is the standard video format in North and Central America, portions of South America, and in certain Asian countries including Japan and South Korea.

The PhotoMovie is not compatible with PAL- or SECAM-format televisions, which is the standard in much of Europe, Asia and Africa. Please refer to our if you are unsure of which video format is supported in your area."

Uploading Photos
To get your photos onto the site to be put in the DVD, the site goes on to say, "Uploading your own digital photos to the PhotoMovie site is simple. You can uploaded up to 120 of your own images. Once you have uploaded your images, you will have the ability to decide which images to include in your PhotoMovie. (The PhotoMovie contains up to 68 images, depending on which chapters you include.) All of the images you upload to the site will be included in the bonus slideshow."

Although the site appears to be in BETA testing, you can register to create an account online.

Disney does not seem to have announced the actual release date for this product.


Also look for Disney´s PhotoBook to debut in the Spring as well! This will be a personalized "coffee-table" book made with your Disney photos!!