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Understanding the DVC – Your Home Resort

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“Welcome Home!” – Words we all love to hear, especially when it comes to going to Walt Disney World. If you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club you already know the feeling those words invoke. If you are still learning about the DVC or just don´t know what all the hype is about maybe I can shed a little light on the subject.

When purchasing into Disney´s Vacation Club (a.k.a. timeshare) you purchase an ownership interest in a specific resort. That resort becomes your “home” resort. While you are treated like a homeowner at any DVC property there are a few things to keep in mind before you make that initial investment. First, your home resort has one significant privilege. You can make reservations at your home resort up to 11 months in advance, while at the other DVC resorts you can only make them up to 7 months in advance. The extra reservation window can truly play a part if you travel during the holidays! Next, each resort has different annual dues (a.k.a. maintenance fees & taxes). Dues can vary as much as $1 per point. If you are buying 300 points that could equal $12,000 over 40 years of ownership. Think about it.

From a financial standpoint, it would be best to buy a less expensive resort from the secondary market such as DVC By Resale.com that has lower annual dues. Currently Saratoga Springs, Old Key West and Hilton Head have the lowest annual dues and are readily available on the resale market. While Saratoga tends to be a higher cost per point at this time, it also offers 12 more years of ownership than the other resorts.

Keeping in mind we all aren´t financially driven, let´s look at the picture from a personal viewpoint. If your spouse loves a particular resort and you tend to travel when the kids are out of school (major holidays, president´s week, spring break, etc.) then you might seriously consider buying that particular resort despite the dues or the initial investment. The saying, “You can´t buy peace of mind” comes into play when your loved ones vacation is at stake. Not to mention the brownie points you earn in keeping your other half happy.

Now, the age old question that will be answered a million ways: “Is it really difficult to get into your non-home resort during the 7 month window?” The answer is simple: yes and no

Seriously, here are the factors to consider before you answer that question: Which resort? How large is that resort? What size unit? How many of those units does that resort have? What time of year? Are you traveling during the week or the weekend?

Daunting, isn´t it?

Would you allow me to give you my opinion, and that´s all it is, on this one? Disney is the best vacation club in the world because it is so flexible and because of the wait list! When we understand that Disney allows a Member to make a reservation and not be penalized for canceling until less than 30 days in advance we can see why the system works. Here´s how: Members make reservations far in advance with good intentions of traveling and then low and behold – life happens! Little Johnny´s football team goes to nationals, Suzy has a recital, Dad got a promotion but has to be at the corporate offices that week so… we have to cancel our reservation. Meanwhile, another family has been on the wait list for 4 months and what looked to be a no go vacation suddenly becomes available when the Cast Member calls to tell them their wait list request is now available. On another hand, maybe the family who never plans far out calls 3 weeks in advance and gets exactly what they want because all the long term planners changed plans. I can´t tell you the number of times I´ve called Member Services at the last minute and gotten the exact size unit I wanted.

So, does your home resort really matter? Yes and no.

Sit down and look at your family´s travel habits and future plans. Consider your style of vacationing and then make your decision based on your personal preferences. If you decide that saving money is part of your plan, I hope you´ll send me an email or give me a call at 1-800-844-4099. At DVC By Resale.com I can help you buy the properties Disney direct no longer offers and save you money on those they still do offer. Still confused about the DVC overall? Contact me anytime at shontell@dvcbyresale.com and I will gladly share the ins and outs of the program.