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Let’s visit the Walt Disney World Rumor Mill

These include DuPont, as well as Nabisco for the Living Seas. Additionally, Caterpillar has been rumored as a potential sponsor for Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

Speaking of Space Mountain, I don’t expect the rumored “Disneyland-style” refurbishment for the Walt Disney World version, although a minor tweaking may be in order in time for the WDW 35th anniversary next year.

Disney Fairies were mentioned on DisneyWorldTrivia.com in February, and it looks like the prediction of them being the next big girl-brand has come true. All 5 of the major fairies, including the Blue Fairy, Flora, Fauna and Merriweather, and of course, Tinkerbell, will be coming to 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, character breakfast replacing Mary Poppins sometime in the near future.

Also in 2006, look for a possible large refurbishment to Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

While we’re in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, can Expedition Everest not be the only E-Ticket attraction coming to DAK? That’s right – just like what Disney did by bringing in two gate-buster attractions at the Disney Studios, with Tower of Terror and Rock’ N Roller Coaster, they may do the same at DAK. Either in Asia near Everest, or more likely in Camp Minnie-Mickey, look for another E-ticket attraction, Rumors of Journey to the Center of the Earth from coming over from Tokyo Disney Sea have begun to surface (pardon the pun).

Oh, and as far as Expedition Everest goes, visit our Trivia pages for Expedition Everest trivia, as well as the official logo.

I am also going to “buck the system” and go against many of the Pirates of the Caribbean rumors that have been swelling as of late. While most people swear that Disneyland will get a major refurb, including the addition of a Jack Sparrow figure, I would instead look for the original attraction to stay the same, and instead, have the movie theming brought into Walt Disney World. In addition to the requisite Jack Sparrow figure, I would look for Barbosa, skeletons and the Black Pearl to be introduced into the attraction (maybe the Pearl will replace the Wicked Wench?). Outside, look for Caribbean Plaza to get a makeover as well, with face characters (pirates) walking around, and possibly El Pirata Y El Perico turning into a pirate character meal (as speculated on previous MouseTunes podcasts).

As long as we’re talking about facelifts, I would also expect Mickey’s Toontown Fair to get a bit of an update in time for WDW’s 35th anniversary, which will include new facades, theming, etc.

With the box office success of Chicken Little, can a movie tie-in be far behind? Doubt it. Look for maybe a parade at the Disney Studios or some other type of introduction of the characters there likely in the near future.

Finally, with the success of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (just try and get a ticket for Halloween night!), I would expect the party to be expanded, but now where or how you might be thinking. I would think that the party will likely be brought beyond the boundaries of the Magic Kingdom, which gets filled to capacity on most nights. The logical place would be the Disney Studios (by process of elimination – Epcot wouldn’t fit, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom doesn´t lend itself to a Halloween party either). I would think that Disney would likely do a similar type of Halloween overlay, much as is done to the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. Since Tower or Terror already has a spooky Halloween storyline, why not bring the fun next door, to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster? It’s just speculation on my part, but makes perfect sense. We’ll just have to wait and see (that’s why they’re called rumors) 😉

If you hear any juicy gossip and rumors about Walt Disney World, please let me know by sending and email to lou@disneyworldtrivia.com. Anonymous submissions accepted at your request.