Pleasure Island – The first in our new TwentySomethingDisney series

Many people don´t exactly know what to expect. Is it just a bunch of Disney employees that go when they get in free? Or just some crazy tourists? Or is it really the place that everyone goes? A couple weeks ago I had my first experience at Pleasure Island with a group of twenty-one year olds and me, who is about to turn twenty-one.

When I was a kid, Pleasure Island was just the place that you cut through to get from the Marketplace to the West Side. It had some great stores, but nothing that you really couldn´t find elsewhere on Disney Property. Yes there was the place where you could create your own CD, but other than that, it just seemed like a lot of buildings that you couldn´t get into during the day or at night without an adult.

Now seeing that I have only been to Pleasure Island once, by no means am I an expert. However, I´ve been to everywhere else on Disney grounds thousands of times, and I know what tends to be the favorites, the not-so-known favorites, and the hidden places that people just simply pass up.

Pleasure Island is pretty nicely priced for the average vacationer or if you are a local. For one night of all seven clubs is $21.95 plus tax. They also have an option if you just want to try out one club for the night it is only $9.95 plus tax.Want to come back? No problem. They sell a special where after you buy one night you can come back the next five nights (perfect if you are on vacation!) for only $5 more.A local? No problem. An annual pass is only $55.95. That´s it! No matter what your style is, there is a ticket that is designed to work out for you.

Motion. It is the place for the younger generation. It plays top 40 hits and inside basically consists of a huge dance floor, a screen, and a bar.It is the place where the under 25 hang out. It does a countdown of hits that are current but also throws in songs that are top hits from the past.This is the place that you want to go to if you love top 40.Lots of people do attend in groups, so go with friends.It will make it more fun. When it gets close to 2 a.m., the place is packed and it is hard to weave through the dance floor, so stay close, but have fun.

Rock n Roll Beach Club is next. Located right next to Motion, it is a place that I instantly fell in love with.When you walk in, it is decorated in the Beach Club style. Hula hoops are in the crowd along with a dance floor, a stage with live music off and on throughout the night, a bar that looks like something you would find directly on the beach, and many other floors. Besides the dance floor, there is a second floor that holds pool tables, video games, darts, and plenty of places to sit and talk or just enjoy the music. It is for those who don´t want to dance their night away but take it at a slightly slower pace.As for the band, they were amazing. I heard Blink 182, Everclear, Puff Daddy, and many other similar styles.No matter what they sang, they sounded amazing, even with the wide variety of music.Also make sure to look out for their special drink for those who are above twenty-one: it comes in a beach pail!

Those are the two places that I have visited so far that I know the younger generation would love. As for the rest of Pleasure Island? It has seven clubs total. Mannequins and BET are both twenty-one and up. The Adventurer´s Club is more for the older crowd with a more of a theatre type act (no music or dancing there!). 8 Trax plays music from the 70s and 80s.And also there is the Comedy Warehouse.I have not attended but from what I have heard the show is “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” sI plan on attending soon, so maybe a future article will be on the Comedy Warehouse.

At night the stores are also open at Pleasure Island, and at about 1:30 p.m. they start to close the clubs and encourage everyone to party on the street until 2 a.m. There are also stages outside along with places to get drinks and many different types of food from pizza to gyros.If you are going, the streets open at 7 p.m. while the clubs do not open until 9 p.m.It gets packed as the night goes on, and there are huge lines between 8 and 10, so buy your tickets early.

Pleasure Island is a unique place. You´ll meet some very interesting people, have some laughs, drink if you are of age, and have an amazing time. I guarantee that you´ll love it. You´ll have the safe feel of being at Disney while partying up a storm.


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