Pampering Perfect for Princesses: The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The Boutique is a place for princesses of all ages to have princess makeovers. We were so excited to get to do this with our special-needs daughter, MJ.Let´s start at the place where all good fairy tales start: the beginning.

We arrived at the Boutique at about [9:30], our appointment was for [9:50]. We were greeted by the Fairy Godmothers who asked for the correct spelling of MJ´s name and then handed us a customized pamphlet that talked about the options for her style. There are three style choices, Classic, Disney Diva and Pop Princess and three package options Coach, Crown and Castle.

Coach is $35.00 for hair and makeup.

Crown is $45.00 for hair, makeup and nails.

Castle is $175.00 for hair, makeup, nails, princess costume, accessories and a princess photo package at the imaging studio in World of Memories.

Classic style includes a rhinestone tiara and a crystal hair pin (in the shape of a Mickey).

Disney Diva includes crystal barrettes and faux hair.

Pop Princess includes a colorful hair extension and accessories.



All styles come with a sprinkling of Pixie Dust, a gemstone sticker for your cheek (MJ wanted hers on her hand), a Princess Banner to wear and a small set of makeup to take home.



MJ got the Crown Package with the Classic Style and a certificate for two free photos. She was very apprehensive and they were great about letting her come in and watch for a while to see if she´d be okay. The actual Boutique is a small room with styling chairs around the outside and a center seat for parents to sit on while their princess is being made over. In one of the corners is a wardrobe that has samples of the princess outfits your princess can choose from if she is getting the Castle Package.



After watching for a bit MJ was still not happy, so her Fairy Godmother had me sit in the chair and hold her in my lap. Another Fairy Godmother brought over a My First Disney Bear for MJ to hold so that she could see what they were going to do to her by seeing them do it to the bear first. One Godmother played with MJ and the bear while the other one worked on MJ. There was a lot that MJ wouldn´t let her do, but she still turned out so cute. They had PhotoPass folks taking pictures in the salon itself, which I thought was great.



There were positives and negatives, as with all things. MJ loves getting her nails, makeup and hair done at home and even at the Main Street barber in the Magic Kingdom, but she didn´t do too well at the Boutique.MJ is autistic and I think the combination of a new place, lots of people and noise was just too overwhelming for her, but the Fairy Godmothers were terrific with her and weren´t at all daunted by the fact that she cried the whole time.


Overall, I think this is going to be wildly popular with the princesses (big and little). It was really well executed and a lot of fun.




All photos by Bonny Eby.


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