twentysomethingdisney – The Electrical Water Pageant

You feel the sand covering your feet as you walk throughout the beach. Look up and you see a full moon, high up in the sky, providing the only light as you look around. As you run towards the waves, you stumble and fall down, landing on top of the sand and almost on top of your crackers and teddy bear…

Those are some of my earliest memories of Walt Disney World. The setting is the Polynesian Resort in about the year 1990. I was a five year old girl at that time, and one of my all time favorite activities to do at the Walt Disney World Resort was to feed the ducks crackers nightly as I watched the Water Lagoon Parade. Okay, I know it´s really called the Electrical Water Pageant, but Mom and Dad always called it the Water Lagoon Parade, and that´s how I´ll always think of it.

My parents had taken me to Disney World since I was born and my entire family has the Disney spirit. I have been there more times than I can count. However, the memories that I have from a kid are still with me today. The memories of feeding the ducks at night while watching the Water Lagoon Parade always bring a smile to my face. My parents used it as a bedtime story. We would watch the water parade and then we would have to go to bed. It worked like a charm! Now that I´m twenty-one those memories still lead me to that very same Polynesian Resort Beach today. The Water Lagoon Parade is one of my favorite things at Walt Disney World, and even though it isn´t as spectacular or exciting as many of the evening shows, it has a sense of charm that still amazes young and old today.

Many people may think that this is a weird topic for an article about Walt Disney World for the twentysomething generation, however it amazed me as a child and it still amazes me today.

Now that I´m older the Water Lagoon Parade isn´t so much as a bedtime story, it´s a place I go to spend some quality time with friends and family. My parents and I still laugh about feeding the ducks there.My boyfriend and I get there early to get a tent on the beach, look at the stars, and enjoy the evening air to wait for the parade. It becomes oddly romantic even though you have tons of families around you. My friends and I go to play in the sand and wade in the water as we wait for the Water Lagoon Parade. No matter how many times I see it, it will bring a smile to my face. And it will to yours, too.

The Electrical Water Pageant is held nightly on the Seven Seas Lagoon. It normally graces the water at nine o´clock, however sometimes the time is a little later due to Wishes. It can be seen from any of the resorts right on the lagoon and as you are leaving the Magic Kingdom. One great advantage to seeing the Water Lagoon Parade on a night when Wishes is playing is that sometimes, they go on right after one another so you get over a half hour of Disney Magic.

The Water Lagoon Parade will hold many memories for me, always. I will continue to see the parade again and again as I grow. However, it is just one of many things that the younger generation needs to see at Walt Disney World.


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