VMK Command Post

Now how to open our first VMK column… ah! Imagineering! Games! Games and Imagineering!! Such an amazing art that can effect millions of people and has the power to change the future. Anyone who loves Disney Parks has a (secret, perhaps?) desire to have the dream job of their own perfect design and beyond their wildest imaginations. Put that CM desire and some Disney-themed video games together and that’s where the virtual world of Disney´s Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) steps in.

The VMK game experience starts with you creating your very own (free!) personalized, “virtual person”, who can interact with thousands of other people who have done the same. You can play Disney Theme Park related games that earn you “credits”, which you can use buy furniture and rooms to put them in. They even have special clothes and costumes for your character that retire here and there! Be a super hero! Be a pack of wild Indian chiefs!

What does this have to do with Imagineering? Well my friends, in the game, you can stack “Leota Tables” and smaller items like crates in your own rooms that can make pretty cool land structures (in a small space!) that bring no end to the imagination! You can even put “river ride” sectional pieces on top and host your own little imaginative “virtual ride” to thousands of others! With “teleporters” that create doorways between other rooms such as your friends’ rooms and your own, anything is possible!

Join the game and find one of our “Trivia Team Imagineers” , they can open up a whole new Disney world for you to explore and show you how vir-tual imagineering is really done in guest rooms. It’s all a (free!) click away!


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