Top Ten Places to get Engaged at Walt Disney World

Or you are just a hopeless romantic.
Or you can just be like me who ruins all the places that her boyfriend hopes to
propose to her at Walt Disney World. (It´s a long story!) Many people come to
Walt Disney World each year for weddings, honeymoons, or engagements. There are
romantic spots all over the grounds. I am going to share with you my top ten
places to propose or ways to propose at Walt Disney World. Some of these may
seem a bit crazy and not incredibly romantic. However, sometimes the best
engagements are ones that happen in a place where you wouldn´t think to propose.
This becomes a special place or activity that just the two of you can share. As
I type I am going to put “She” as the person who is being proposed to because
this is how it happens often; however this is not how it has to be! These are
really in no order except the order that I felt like placing them so don´t read
too much into the order.

10. Rock´n´Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM Studios. – Yes, I
mean it. Rock´n´Roller Coaster. Now before you judge me and think I am totally
insane, picture this. For those of you who have been on the ride, you will get
it. You would have to time it perfectly. At the moment when the car back ups a
bit before you blast off into the loop, ask. This moment before the ride takes
off (make sure you have the others attention! ) , say those words, “Will you
Marry Me?” You may have to practice with a friend. Why? Because right after you
ask, you want the car to zoom off. They will spend the rest of the ride,
wondering if they heard you right. The ride ends, and try to distract them, and
not mention them. Make sure you are sitting on the side that gets off first. Get
off, take a few steps back, and drop down on one knee, and show her the ring.
Just don´t take the ring out before. You won´t want to lose it on the ride! She
will have no clue what hit her. Also, you´ll have the crowd of people that also
got off the ride. She´ll feel like one of the luckiest people alive and like a
rock star.

9. At a Spa at various locations. – Now this one is a little more
ordinary. However, treat your significant other to a day of massages, pampering,
and everything that will make her feel like a princess! You could either do it
at the Spa, talk to the Spa staff and they will be more than happy to help you
with your wishes during a couples massage or other activity. Or buy her a dress
and take her out to a fancy dinner afterwards. She´ll end up looking and feeling
amazing and you two will have a great activity to do on anniversaries in your
happily ever after.

8. Cinderella´s Royal Table. – So many people each year propose
outside Cinderella´s Castle, that personally, I like a little more variety, so
why not propose INSIDE?Make a dinner reservation and pop the question over
dinner. Get all dressed up and make her think that you really are a prince. If
you talk to the staff, they can help you set something up special for this, such
as a special table, or a picture with characters. You´ll have an amazing meal to
share, and she´ll feel like royalty.

7. Parasailing at the Contemporary Resort. – This may be
another crazy idea. At least some of you may think it´s crazy. Now you have up
to ten minutes in the air with an amazing view of the Walt Disney World Resort.
They can do group parasailing, and while you and your someone special are up
there, you can pop the question. The view is amazing and she´ll feel like she is
the only person in the world. Ask the question part way through the trip. The
words of “I feel like I´m on top of the world” may be a bit cheesy, but again
this would be a great activity that you could do on anniversary after

6. Specialty Cruise at various locations. – Now this a bit more
romantic. These cruises are most often used for birthdays; however other
occasions work just as well. These cruises take you out on a ten foot yacht for
8-10 people during various fireworks shows. You have your option of
Illuminations or Wishes! On the water you´ll feel like you are one of the only
people in the world. This will be a magical memory that you can share for years
to come.

5. California Grill on top of the Contemporary. – Now this is one of
the most romantic locations at Walt Disney World. Not only is the food amazing,
as I have dined there numerous times myself, but it has an amazing view. Now the
trick to make this really romantic is to make a reservation for about an hour
and a half before the Magic Kingdom fireworks! When it gets close to fireworks,
the lights dim in the grill, and everyone goes outside to their balconies. You
have an amazing view of the fireworks, other places on Walt Disney World. You
can drop down on one knee outside or propose over dinner and enjoy the fireworks
as an engaged couple after your proposal. Just remember one thing, if you
propose outside, hold on tightly to the ring. It´s a long way down.

4. Cítricos at Grand Floridian. – Now this is one of my favorites. Not
only is the food to die for but the service is amazing! Now, picture this. Your
honey orders dessert after your delectable dinner. Now she can order anything
she wants, why? Because when her dessert plate comes out the words “Will you
marry me?” will be frozen onto it in chocolate frosting. What do you have to do
to get this? Just call and let them know what you want. When someone did this
service for me it said “Happy 19th Birthday Jeanne” and they wrote it
on there for free. My plate was cold, so I am guessing that they write them up
in the morning and then put them in the freezer or refrigerator all day. This
will make your proposal absolutely amazing and yummy too!

3. Animal Kingdom Lodge – Savannah View room. – Now this one is a
little more for people who have been dating for awhile. The idea is to book a
room in the Animal Kingdom Lodge for you and your honey. Order room service, and
either at sunset or sunrise, you propose. The animals should be around so it
will be memorable. Also you have the perfect place to relax after the proposal.
It is an amazing area and it will be memorable. Also for years after you can
always come back, even possibly in the same room or spend your honeymoon in the
room that you proposed in.

2. Polynesian (or other resort) during Fireworks. – Now this is
another place that will be memorable. I often spend many of my nights on the
beach of the lagoon at the Polynesian resort. I get there to watch Wishes. It is
definitely magical. There are hammocks, tents, and swings to sit on. Sand to
play in, and water to wade in. It is one of the most romantic places that I have
found on Disney grounds. Especially in the off season when there are not a lot
of people there. Write your proposal in the sand or just get down on one knee
and ask during or before the fireworks. It will be romantic and something she´ll
never forget. It could be done at any resort that you can see Wishes from.

1. Any night time show or entertainment. – For night-time
attractions there are many options. Fantasmic! , Illuminations, Wishes, and even
Spectro all give you a variety of options to propose during. Now some of them
may not work as best as others, but all of them hold romantic moments. (The part
of Fantasmic! When the princesses´ are out on their floats; Illuminations there
are a few moments, Wishes, during the heart fireworks or love-song part. ) Even
if it´s not romantic, it will be memorable. Not everyone drops down on one knee
to propose during the fireworks. Also for the rest of her life, every time she
sees a firework, she will remember your amazing proposal.

These were just ten places or ideas that I thought up to propose. I´m sure
that I will have more lists someday, and more places. Maybe some more crazy ones
or just some ones that is really and truly romantic. Whatever you chose, keep
who you are proposing to in mind. Which one of the options seems best like your
significant other?Always tailor the engagement to the girl. At least I hope
that´s what happens to me, whenever my lucky day comes.

photos by Pat Whitson


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