Here Comes the Disney Bride! – Part One: the Road to Happily Ever After Begins

” Well, my wish came true, and I was engaged at Walt Disney World on August 15th, 2006. My boyfriend of four years proposed. Now where as I told him I wanted to marry him after about a month of dating, and I said, “I love you” after about two, he finally popped the question. Did I know it was coming? Yes. Do I care that I knew? No. I´m happy. I have the ring. I had a Disney engagement complete with fireworks and music, and now I´m going to be planning a Disney Wedding.

Since I am going to hopefully make this an article series to complement my twentysomethingdisney column, I better tell you a bit about myself and my fiancé. Alan and I have been dating for four years. Now that he is twenty-two, me twenty-one and in our senior year of college, we are finally engaged. We started dating my senior year of high school, and his freshman year of college. I´ve known him since seventh grade. I dated one of his friends, and we hung out in the same crowd throughout high school, although we always picked on each other. My dad even told me once that I should date Alan when I wasn´t dating anyone. My dad was right and eventually we started dating. I haven´t been happier since. We´re a bit of an odd pair at times; at least all of our friends in high school couldn´t believe that we liked each other. Well, we did, and it worked out. We watched all of our high school couples break up. All the people that we were friends with were breaking up, and we even hit some rough patches along the way. We went through a year of a long-distance relationship with me going to college in Florida, and him not following until the year later, but we made it. We are engaged and now planning a Disney Wedding.

Since a wedding starts with an engagement, I´ll start with ours. He proposed at the Polynesian resort beach. He waited until after the water parade and Wishes to do it. I knew he had a ring box in his pocket. However, it was a long night. I played in the sand for awhile making a heart with an arrow through it with our initials in it. We talked and joked about various things that we had been up to lately, but mostly we just enjoyed being in our spot. The Polynesian is a place that I have always loved. I vacationed there for ten years with my family when I was little, and I introduced Alan to the beach there. After the first time we went, it became our special spot.

I knew he had bought the ring since he took my best-friend Sarah to shop for it. Sarah can´t lie, she just laughs if you catch her in something. So Sarah was laughing. She wouldn´t tell me about the ring, but she´d say he hadn´t bought it, then she´d burst out into laughter. My parents both started hugging Alan more. I know that my parents liked him, but these were huge hugs. It wasn´t normal for my family. Even though this summer was tough for my family and my parents saw how much Alan was there for me, the hugs were still weird. Then people where I worked from the summer where my parents also work, hugged Alan good-bye. That cemented it in my mind and I waited for almost a month after I knew he had the ring for him to propose.

Well that night, I knew he had the ring. It was in his back pocket. We were sitting in a cabana. I was sitting in front of him and leaning against him. I will make this short for everyone reading this, but finally after Wishes ended. Yes, after it. It ended, everyone was leaving, he proposed. I really thought he wasn´t going to anymore since Wishes had ended, but he did. I said yes, of course (if not, this would be a really bad article series I´d be writing because this would be the one and only article!). We were engaged!

I waited about a day before I started looking at the Disney Wedding website to start planning. I had been playing around with it off and on for years just out of curiosity, so I knew what I wanted more or less. I started to go through and read every page. If anyone is wedding planning, I highly recommend that. I know what I want from my wedding now. I have a feeling this will make the process easier. Alan and I decided on having an Intimate Wedding with 18 or less guests. We wanted to have a big reception in Wisconsin where we are from, and we did not want people to not come just because they didn´t have the money to fly down. A small wedding is ideal. We´ll make it work. We´ll have to cut some people from invitations, but it will work out somehow. We´ll worry about it when we get to it. I requested a brochure from Disney, but it never came. I waited the four weeks that they said, and it still never came.

So, I finally called Disney after a month of being engaged. We were planning on getting married in December of 2007 or January of 2008. According to the website, you can book your wedding a year in advance, so if we decide on December, I knew we had to get started. The guy I talked to at Disney was helpful. He took down all my information like name, address, the name of my fiancé, when I wanted to get married, and if I knew where I wanted to get married on Disney grounds. Since I had looked at the website I knew all of this. He took down all my information and spent about twenty-minutes with me on the phone. Once he had all my information, he told me he´d send me a DVD and a brochure of information on it. He told me a Disney Wedding Coordinator would call me in two to three days.

So far it has been an easy process. However, I´m going to stop this article there. I am hoping to make a planning appointment in October when my parents are flying down. I am very excited for this process and can´t wait to see how it unfolds. It at least looks like I´ll have a great wedding to begin happily ever after.


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