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Update on “Breathless” at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort – The Good, The Bad, and…

Well, there has been rumor muddled by fact and speculation about what, if anything, was going to be happening to Breathless at the end of this year. Well, I’m here to help clarify a few things:

First, I’m sad to say that Breathless most likely will be leaving, as the extent of her damage and the cost to repair her is too great. People inside the company are speculating that she may be sold at auction, or disposed of in some similar manner. In any event, she most likely won’t be coming back. (And I personally will be sad to see you go, girl)

However… What I CAN say is that if all goes as planned, there will be a "more than adequate replacement" for Breathless. Disney is currently being courted by a number of custom wooden boat manufacturers (whose names I am not at liberty to reveal at this time), who are willing to build a new boat as per Disney Specs for the marina. What I am happy to say is that the new boat will retain much of the same mystique and characteristics of Breathless.

While I cannot reveal any more details given to my by my source, and when more definite details are available you will get them here first, suffice it to say that this "Little Bluebird" seems confident that not only will a new deal go through, but that the new boat will continue in the tradition that Breathless has left behind. So, while I’m sorry to see you go, I’m excited about what may be in store for the future at the Yacht & Beach Club Marina. Thanks for the memories, Breathless!