Here Comes the Disney Bride! – Part Three: To Book…. or not to Book our Wedding Day

This girl had visited this magical play land for many years, falling in love with everything it had to offer. Over the years, this girl not only fell in love with the place known as Disney World, she fell in love with someone she could grow old with. After four years of dating, the boy proposed and the girl started to plan her magical Disney wedding. Where everything was a dream come true…

… Or not. In the last article, I left off with waiting for December to call to book my Disney Wedding. Well, December came, and I anxiously waited until I could call to book my wedding. The day arrives, and I go to the Disney Wedding website to get the phone number to call. I start to browse through it, like I do every time I visit, and I read through the FAQ´s again where it answers when you can book, the payment schedule, who officiates, etc. Suddenly, I look and see the words: Weddings may be booked one year to the date in advance. My heart falls a bit, since my wedding date was not one year away; however I only had a few more days to wait!

That special day arrives, one year before I plan on getting married, and it was just like every other day. I set aside sometime in the afternoon to call, so I had to wait until I was free. At the time, I sit down and make the call. A planner greets me and asks me to hold on for a second, once I tell her I´d like to book a wedding. I am then disconnected. Oh well, let´s try this again, I thought. I call back and get someone else. This planner tells me that I need to call my personal wedding coordinator that called me back in August after I got engaged. Well, I did not save my personal wedding coordinator´s phone number because I didn´t even think about it. This wonderful planner looks up her number for me, and I call and leave a message for my Disney Wedding Coordinator (DWC from now on). Of course, DWC was not at her desk, so I leave a message stating my name, the groom´s name, when I want to get married, a phone number, and why I am calling.

About a half hour later, I am called back by a Disney Wedding Booker (DWB from now on). DWB explains that Disney has recently gone through some structural changes in the last couple weeks as to how its weddings are booked. DWB then asks me where I want to get married, and I tell her the Wedding Pavilion. I anxiously wait for her to tell me if it is available or not, and all I hear is silence. DWB then explains “Disney Fairytale Weddings at outdoor locations can be booked a year in advance. However, any wedding at the Wedding Pavilion may only be booked eight months in advance due to our recent changes.” I sit there for a moment in silence. DWB is then encouraging me to call back in April to book my wedding. She then makes sure I have her phone number and the phone number to my DWC. I thank her, and then hang up. Of course, I am disappointed, as it now feels I am never going to get this wedding booked, and all my plans are out of order!

The reception is going to be in April 2008 in our hometown in Wisconsin. It´s not right after the wedding, so I have plenty of time to book it, but now I will be booking a reception hall without knowing when I am actually getting married. According to all the sales people I met at the Wedding dress stores I´ve been going to, apparently, I needed to order my dress about a year and a half in advance of my wedding. Of course, I did not know I was engaged then, but I am behind! Every where I go, people are telling me to rush, and Disney is telling me to slow down.

However, I will still plan. I am currently in the process of finding a Wedding dress. I have been going with my mom and I have found 4 possibilities about. There are two that really stand out in my head, but let´s not rule the other ones out yet. I hope to have my dress by the end of 2006. This way there will be plenty of time to locate the dress and shop around for prices between Florida and Wisconsin. Also, I will have ordered my dress by April. This way, I will have plenty of time for fittings. I also have asked one of my friends to be my “Unofficial Everything.” Since we are having no attendants because it is such a small wedding, I am having one of my friends be my matron of honor and help me with all of the planning, but not have to stand up since it is such a small wedding.

Wedding dress shopping a day every girl dreams of. Well, almost every girl. For me, the wedding dress was never extremely important. The most important part of the wedding in my opinion is what comes after the wedding, the marriage. It is to celebrate two people. It won´t matter what you wear or what happens. All that matters is that two people communicate, get along, and have some fun along the way. At least that´s my take on it. I went home and went wedding dress shopping with my mom and friend. We visited a lot of different shops. I lost track of how many gowns I tried on. However, I did find my gown. It´s unique and it has color which is a new thing in wedding dress designs. I placed my order for my dress and veil. My dress will be in about 7 months before my wedding date. This will give me plenty of time for fittings and adjustments. While I have a link to my dress online, for now, I will leave it as a surprise. However, if anyone reading this knows me, feel free to ask, and I will email you or post the link.

So that is where I will leave off in this edition of Here Comes the Disney Bride. I will be back in April, unless I do an update before then with other wedding plans. Hopefully in April, I will get to book my big day, and start to figure out what I really want at my wedding (Cinderella´s Coach). Maybe it will turn out to be “happily ever after.”


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