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WDW Radio Show #8 – Dining Discounts at Walt Disney World and Disney 3D Movies

Disney news, WDW Dining discounts, 3D movies in Walt Disney World, email, voicemail and more!

Welcome back to The WDW Radio Show –Your Walt Disney World Information Station. Thanks for tuning in once again. This is Show #8 for the week of April 1, 2007.

This week’s show has a little something for everybody – Disney News and Views from Walt Disney World, as well as some vacation planning information about Walt Disney World dining and discounts as Lou welcomes Pam Forrester from The Magic For Less Travel. They discuss the Disney Dining Plan, the Disney Dining Experience Card, and recent rumors of free dining returning in 2007. For those of you interested in WDW trivia and history, Lou and Jeff Pepper take an in-depth look at Disney’s 3D films through history, in the theme parks, as well as the future of where 3D/4D may be heading. Lou and Jeff also answer your emails and voicemails, including Walt Disney World-related console video games, a “secret spot” at the Disney-MGM Studios, the past and future of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show!

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call our voicemail at 206-202-4WDW.

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Disney Dining and the Disney Dining Experience Card

Disney’s printable application for the Disney Dining Experience Card (PDF)

Visit the Disney Dining Experience page at The Mouse For Less

Visit the Magic Your Way and Dining options page at The Mouse For Less

Disney Magic Cruise with Lou and Tinker Bell

Cruise with Lou Mongello and Margaret Kerry (yes, the same Tinker Bell that you just saw on your new Peter Pan Special Edition DVD) on the Disney Magic! Join us for special events, Pirate costume contests, tons of free giveaways, private dining, extra fun things to do Castaway Cay, treasure hunts, trivia games, live podcasting from the ship, where you can help be a part of the show, charity fundraising events to benefit the DWT Dream Team and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and so much more! Everyone who books as part of our group will get special pixie-dusted items in cabins.

One of the things I’m happy to finally be able to announce is that at many of these events, you can participate and earn KEYS, end of cruise, one of your keys could open a huge treasure chest filled with incredible Disney Surprises and Merchandise!

There will be LOTS of things we have planned just for kids, too, including a special treat from Captain Jack Sparrow, treasure hunts, and more!

Everyone who books by June 1, 2007 will receive a very unique surprise before the cruise. During a wonderful, private event we have planned as we set sail, we will have a very special, very fun-filled drawing at a private event where one person will win a $500 Disney Gift Card that you can use on board! Of course, if you have already booked on the cruise, you will also receive the surprise and be eligible to win, so no worries!

For more information and a free, no-obligation quote
visit the Cruise information page

Walt Disney World Explorer CD-Rom – This amazing CD-ROM allows you to virtually move through all of Walt Disney World on your computer! Although it is currently out-of-print and becoming increasingly rare, you get still get new copies here. Highly recommended by Lou!!

The Walt Disney World Magical Racing Tour Game for Playstation 1

Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex official web site

Disney's Wide World of Sports ComplexMarvel as the thrills of hard-won victory are played out before your eyes at state-of-the-art facilities, or root for your favorite team while enjoying a savory meal at the Official All Star Café. From the Atlanta Braves Spring Training to the interactive Multi-Sports Experience to fantastic food, Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex is the premiere place for all sports fans.

Get in on the action and discover the exhilarating array of sporting events and family fun at www.disneyworldsports.com.

3D Films by Disney and in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Chicken Little (2005)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (2006)
Knick Knack (2006) – Pixar’s 3-D animated short film which was remastered and converted to 3-D
Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Working For Peanuts (1953/2007)

Read Jeff’s review of Meet the Robinsons

3D Films at Walt Disney World (opening date):

Magic Journeys (October 1, 1982)
Captain EO (September 12, 1986)
Muppet Vision 3D (May 16, 1991)
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (November 21, 1994)
It’s Tough to Be a Bug (April 22, 1998)
Mickey’s Philharmagic (October 8, 2003

What is your favorite Walt Disney World 3D attraction? Cast your vote in our online poll here!

FAST FACT: The name, “EO” comes from the Greek goddess, “Eos” – the goddess of dawn

CORRECTION: Inadvertently, Jon Cryer was credited as the voice of Flik. Comedian Dave Foley actually provided the voice in the theatrical film and 3D movie.

Don’t forget that our first “Where in the World have You Heard This?” Contest is now going on! Submit your entries to the 10 sounds clips your heard to


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For unique, backstage views from the top of Cinderella Castle, visit this Flickr album. Thanks to listener Michael Bonnet, Jr. for the link!