Walking the World

Fortunately, the days are also longer at that time. So if you love Disney, and you love to exercise (and I do both!), it´s easy to merge the two with a little caution.

Normally my day visits to Disney in the summer come in two forms – early morning, or later in the day.At any other time, a lengthy bout of walking will make my feet feel like my mouth does after burning it on a slice of pizza. Stringy and hot!

There are precautions you should take anytime for exercise, whether at Disney or elsewhere:

– See your physician before any new exercise program.

– Water. Drink it. Even if it´s not hot outside, your body needs it to replenish the fluids it´s losing.

– Good walking shoes, already broken in.

– Sunblock and/or sun protective clothing (I often wear both).

– Take it easy if it´s really hot and humid. I´ve seen guests drop over in line for a show from dehydration during the summer. Don´t overdo it in the middle of the day, and I can´t stress water enough!

– Stretch well if you are walking and/or running. I didn´t do this until recently, after a calf sprain from a very minor move. It took 2 months to fully heal!

– Be aware of what is around you. Depending on where you are exercising, you may have maintenance vehicle traffic, bikes, surrey bikes, etc. to share the paths with. I steer clear of wearing my iPod (definitely not loud) so I can hear what – or who – is coming up behind me. Surrey bikes are the worst, but I´ve not been run over yet!

Where you exercise will likely be determined by where you are staying. Most of the deluxe resorts do offer a fitness center, so that is a great exercise respite during midday. Exceptions would include the Fort Wilderness and Polynesian resorts. Polynesian Resort guests do have access to the Grand Floridian fitness center. The Coronado Springs Resort is the only moderate resort which features a health club.

There are very few walking areas that are well shaded, if you exercise during hotter times of the day. The only one I may do is Fort Wilderness, and I still prefer not to exercise when it´s too warm out. It isn´t only the heat, but the humidity can make me very sluggish.

I love walking at Disney – I´ve walked there regularly for a number of years now, and I still find new places that I´ve not explored. With a little caution, and a lot of water, you may find great places to exercise that you´ve never realized were there!


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