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Walt Disney World Pirates and Princesses Party Review

Walt Disney World is bringing these parties back again in the months of August & September, 2007. See http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/parks/specialEvents?id=PiratesandPrincessPartySpecialEventPage and http://www.allearsnet.com/tp/mk/pirateprincess.htm for more information]

We first paid for our tickets for this event at the Magic Kingdom Transportation and Ticket Center. After paying for our tickets, the ticket personnel handed us four hats for our children. On one side of the hat was a pirate hat (for the pirates) and on the other side was a crown (for princesses). Upon arriving to Magic Kingdom for the Pirates and Princesses Party (P&P), we immediately took note of the entryway, on one side a pirate set up and on the other side a princess setup. After getting through the gates, we had to walk on the red carpet to get our “loot bags” for all of the treasures we would find throughout the park! Our Adventure Map told us where all of the X´s would be, but to make things easier, the Treasure Spots each had a huge globe light with an X written on it; so believe me, there was no missing these X´s (of course, when you tell this to kids, suddenly that becomes the only thing they are looking for anyway, so we definitely didn´t miss any of the X´s!)

We arrived hungry and decided to stop at Cosmic Ray´s Starlight Café, in Solaris´ System (also known as Tomorrowland). Apparently, we arrived just in time for the Dance Party! (According to our Adventure Map, there were several Dance Parties around the park.) At this Dance Party, complete with a DJ, lights, and kid-friendly music, the kids all had the opportunity to dance with Lilo and Stitch, as well as Chip and Dale. Now, we are frequent visitors to the parks, and often do meet and greets, but never before have we actually had the chance to dance with any characters! So this was very exciting! We ate our cheeseburgers and fries, and then danced some more with Chip and Dale, and then left.

Now we were on a quest to find the Treasure Spots throughout the park! At each Treasure Spot, kids (and adults!) with loot bags received candy or “jewels.” After hitting a couple of Treasure Spots, we realized that it was time for Disney´s Enchanted Adventures Parade. There are two showings of this parade during each party night. We got to see some floats we had never before seen, and for the first time ever, Tinker Bell was in the parade, tossing pixie dust at Guests!

Next we headed to the Dream Along With Mickey Show, which is shown on the Castle stage three separate times during each party night. This was a show featuring Mickey, Minnie, and some of their friends, including Donald Duck, Goofy, Peter Pan, Wendy, and some dancers. Following the show, we sat in the Rose Garden (our “spot” for fireworks shows) to catch the Magic, Music, & Mayhem Fireworks Spectacular. This show was more “technical” than Wishes!, and did not have the same story line as Wishes!. However, Tinker Bell still flew right over us, as she does in Wishes!. The fireworks were done in a 180-degrees fashion (unlike Wishes!), so we had been told that pretty much anywhere in the park would be a good spot to see the fireworks show.

After the fireworks, we were off to find more Treasure Spots! Along the way, we stopped in Ariel´s Court (also known as Fantasyland) where there was another Dance Party. This time, we were dancing with Sebastian and some fish. After this, we decided to take a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. When we got off, we caught the last few minutes of a pirate show, featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and some of the Guest pirates and princesses! We made our way to the Princess Pavilion (also known as Mickey´s Toontown Fair) where we walked through Mickey´s house, and then had a meet and greet with a Mickey Mouse pirate!

By this time it was nearing 12:30 a.m. (which was the end of the Party) and we had enough energy left for one more Dance Party, in front of Space Mountain, and then headed out. I think the kids were asleep before we left the parking lot! Overall, we had an absolute blast!