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Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor review

This replaced the Timekeeper and has added to the revolving door of attractions at that location. The attractions include America the Beautiful, Magic Carpet Round the World, American Journeys, and the Timekeeper.

There was a lot of concern by fans about this new attraction, given the fact that this previewed to poor reviews back a few months ago. I recently had the chance to take part in this attraction and will give you a rundown as well as my thoughts on it.

I walked by this attraction several times the week of May 26, 2007 before actually going in. Every time I did walk by, the stand-by time was typically 5 minutes and didn´t get any higher than 10. I will warn you that this is a little misleading as it read 5 minutes when I went in and it was at least 10 before we actually got in the theater. I am assuming the stand-by time must reflect the time before the pre-show starts.

As just mentioned, the attraction does have a pre-show. The crowd is ushered into a room to view the pre-show, very similar to the other 3D shows at Disney. As with other pre-shows, they really jam you in there and you get pretty close and personal with the people around you.

There is a brief pre-show explaining how Mike came up with the Laugh Floor. Basically, instead of the Monsters coming to us, you are being transported to Monstropolis. Also, instead of being powered on screams, Mike has come up with the idea of powering Monstropolis by laughs.

After the pre-show, you are led into the theater. There is the main screen where the comics take place. To the left is a smaller screen where our good friend Roz comes to life and to the right is a smaller screen that Mike comes on as well as the laugh collection tube. The theming of the room is great as it actually does resemble a comedy club. As you get in, the camera focuses on a few people with some funny comments underneath them.

The show starts with one of the comics, Buddy Boil, who introduces Mike.Then Mike come on, tells a few jokes, until Roz ends his act and the show begins. There are three comics that follow, a two headed monster (Mac and Jeeves), Buddy Boil again, and Mike W´s nephew Marty. The show is very interactive similar to Turtle Talk and the running "That guy" gag is actually kind of funny. Of course, by the end of the show, the tube is full and Monstropolis is saved…

I won´t spoil the show by giving too many details but there are definitely moments that made me laugh. Of course, some of the jokes are corny, but it really is an entertaining show. We went to see it twice and actually found it funny both times. The same basic script was used but the interactive portions with the audience caused the show to change a bit. At some point, I am sure they will need to change the script or it will definitely get stale. It isn´t the sort of attraction that you would do over and over, but is definitely a great option for midday when the major attractions are lined up.

In summary, I would definitely recommend checking this attraction out. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this. It isn´t the sort of attraction that you would do over and over, but is definitely worth a look.