Adventureland Trivia

  • The only three attractions that were operational on Opening Day in 1971 were the Swiss Family Treehouse, The Jungle Cruise, and the Tropical Serenade. As time passed, these original attractions have remained in much of their original format, while numerous other attractions and shops have been added to this wonderfully-themed land.
  • "Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats" is located near the exit to the Jungle Cruise and allows guests to pilot a radio-controlled mini-Jungle Cruise boat around islands and obstacles.
  • "El Pirate Y el Piroco" is a counter-service Mexican restaurant across from Pirates of the Caribbean featuring tacos and chili. Imagineer Morgan "Bill" Evans was primarily in charge of the landscape design of Adventureland
  •  "Bwana Bob’s" is a small, freestanding store in Adventureland, originally called the "Adventureland Kiosk." In 1985, it was renamed Bwana Bob’s as a tribute to comedian Bob Hope, star of a 1963 film called "Call Me Bwana." in 1963. Bob Hope also took part in Walt Disney World’s 1971 opening celebration.
  • Originally Adventureland ended at the Tropical Serenade/Enchanted Tiki Room, as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Caribbean Plaza area were not built until 1973. In 1976 a passageway from Adventureland to Frontierland was opened through the area.