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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, an attraction which premiered in Disneyland, was one of the original rides when Walt Disney World opened in 1971. In 1993, the original attraction was removed and replaced with a new and improved version, which included completely redesigned elephants. During the refurbishment of Dumbo the Flying Elephant in 1993, the number of elephant ride vehicles was increased from 10 to 16. Also, the center cylinder topped by a mirrored ball with Timothy Mouse on top was changed to include a hot-air balloon.

Did you know that it has long been rumored that Walt Disney never rode the Dumbo attraction in Disneyland? (He passed away before Walt Disney World was completed). Being a staunch Democrat, he believed that if he was photographed in an elephant, (the mascot of the Republican party), it could be misinterpreted by the media.

Located on the spindle in the center of the circus ring that makes up the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride is a hot air balloon. Perched atop the balloon is none other than Dumbo’s friend, Timothy the Mouse, who helped Dumbo discover his ability to fly using his oversized ears.