Frontierland Trivia

Frontierland – General

In November 1990, in order to make room for Splash Mountain, the Walt Disney World Railroad’s Frontierland train station was entirely demolished. Frontierland’s new station, which was built as part of Splash Mountain, opened in December 1991.

“Texas” John Slaughter is the name of the Frontierland Trail Boss, as seen on the sign hanging over the entrance to the store.

“Texas John Slaughter” was also the name of a classic TV Western series produced by Disney in the 50’s and 60’s starring Tom Tryon as the lead. It ran on the “Disneyland” show on ABC, before it moved to NBC and renamed “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.”

You can find the Marshall keepin’ the peace daily in Frontierland, as well as Prospector “Gold Dust Gus” at various times throughout the day. These character actors seamlessly blend into the theme of the land, and gladly interact with guests in improvisational acts.

The Rivers of America surrounds Tom Sawyer’s Island, and is home to the Liberty Bell riverboat (formerly known as the Richard F. Irvine). Until the mid 1990s, guests could travel on the Gullywhumper or the Bertha Mae if they took a ride on one of Mike Fink’s Keelboats.

You can only reach Frontierland by passing through Liberty Square or Adventureland. You also can only reach Mickey’s Toontown Fair by passing through Fantasyland. All of the other lands in the Magic Kingdom have their own “spoke” off the central hub.