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Haunted Mansion

Discover an enhanced Disney classic that’s more haunting than ever! Make yourself at “tomb sweet tomb” as you hop aboard a Doom Buggy with your ghost host and encounter new spine-tingling terrors. Experience the stretching room, the séance, and meet hitchhiking ghouls as you make your way through a mansion with some scary surprises!

  • The 7 1/2 minute long spooky tour through the Haunted Mansion takes you along a 960 foot track up to the attic, near a ghostly ballroom, past the “swinging” cemetery and more. And remember..  Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!
  • As you exit the Haunted Mansion, you will find a large, stone memorial to Bluebeard. Dated 1440, it marks the final resting place of his Loving Wives, and bears their names and the years they passed away. From 1434 to 1439, Bluebeard laid to rest six of his winsome wives. Some fat, some were thin, and while six of them were faithful, the seventh had the last laugh – Penelope, Abigail, Anastasia, Prudence, Phoebe, and Eugenia. His seventh wife, however, Lucretia, “did him in” in 1440.
  • Although the Haunted Mansion is home to 999 Happy Haunts, there are only 109 of them represented by Audio-Animatronics figures. (This number doesn’t include “ghosts” that are projections, or voices of spirits from beyond).
  • The OmniMover ride system takes you on a journey through the Haunted Mansion on a 960-foot long track. Disney first employed the OmniMover technology in 1967 for the Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction in Disneyland .
  • As you “drag your body” into the “dead center” of the “Stretching Room,” in the Haunted Mansion, you will notice eight gargoyles holding flickering candles, which provide just enough light to see the paintings hanging on the walls above them.
  • Foolish mortals. you enter the Haunted Mansion only to be informed by your host that there are 999 happy haunts living there… but there’s room for a thousand… If you wish to volunteer, you can make “final” arrangements at the end of the tour.
  • As you enter the Haunted Mansion’s dark library, you notice not only the volumes of books, but the eight marble busts of “.the greatest ‘ghost writers’ the literary world has ever known.” And no matter from where in the room you look at the busts, they always appear to be staring back at you…
  • As you exit the Haunted Mansion’s graveyard scene, you enter a dark crypt where you see three glowing ghosts under an archway. As your vehicle turns to the left, you are faced with a series of three mirrors, where you can see yourself, as well as any hitchhiking ghosts that may try follow you home!
  • The 13 lanterns hanging from the majestic oak Liberty Tree represent the first 13 colonies of the United States. Located across from the Hall of Presidents, The Liberty Tree commemorates the communal meeting place of the Sons of Liberty who in 1765 protested the imposition of the Stamp Act.
  • Each one of the 160 OmniMover ride vehicles in the Haunted Mansion can hold “you… and one or two… ‘loved ones…” The vehicles can hold 2-3 guests at a time, travel at about 1.4 mph, and
    can accommodate up to 3,200 guest per hour. The Disneyland attraction only has 131 vehicles, and has a ride capacity of only 2,618 guests per hour, as its track is shorter than the Haunted Mansion’s in Walt Disney World.
  • The only song played throughout the Haunted Mansion is the attraction’s theme song, “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. In every scene, each of the ghosts is singing their own version of the song,  sometimes at different speeds or pitches, or with different musical instruments. In some areas, the song is even played backwards! The songs “loop,” which means they continually repeat themselves, seemingly without a beginning and end. As you pass from scene to scene, the similar songs seamlessly blend into one another. There is no jarring difference as the scenes change, or competition from one song to another. A similar technique is used in “it’s a small world,” where, instead of children singing different anthems from around the world, they all sing the same
    song, in just a different language.
  • The lyrics to “Grim Grinning Ghosts” were written by Disney Legend Xavier Atencio (who also wrote the Ghost Host’s script), with music by Buddy Baker. The song was performed by the Mello Men, a group comprised of Bill Lee, Max Smith, Bob Stevens, and Thurl Ravenscroft, who provided the vocals in many Disney films and theme park attractions.
    • Although “Grim Grinning Ghosts” is technically the only song played in the attraction, I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that in the attic scene with the bride, you can hear a few haunting bars of the “Wedding March,” (also known as “Here Comes the Bride.” Also, “Otherworldly Music” can be faintly heard in the background at various time before reaching the Graveyard scene.
  • Standing at four stories tall, there are two separate wings to Master Gracey’s Haunted Mansion, as well as a bell tower and conservatory.
  • The menacing dark brick and stone gothic Haunted Mansion is adorned with chess pieces as ornaments atop the parapets on the roof. If you look carefully, you will see that all of the possible shapes of chess pieces are accounted for, except one- the Knight. There are two explanations as to why the Knight was left off of the roof. The first says that it is because it is always “night” inside the Mansion, while the other, and more credible explanation, is that the Knight is inside the Mansion, wearing the suit of Armor. He can be seen after the corridor of doors on the ground floor, near the grandfather clock.
  • The legend of the “chess pieces” atop the Haunted Mansion has been referred to by some Imagineers as a purely coincidental resemblance as of late. However, we may never know whether or not the original Imagineers that designed the Mansion intended the ornamentation to be chess pieces or not, but the story has become such an accepted part of the Mansion’s lore, that most fans and Cast Members will refer to the story as true.
  • The “Hatbox Ghost,” was an Audio-Animatronic figure that was originally planned to be located in the Haunted Mansion’s attic near the eerie bride and the room’s exit. The character held a cane in one hand and a translucent hatbox in the other. Each time the bride’s heart beat, the ghost’s head was to disappear, and reappear in the hatbox. However, after being installed in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, Imagineers quickly learned that the effect didn’t work well, and removed it within a few weeks. The other figure, which had been constructed at the same time as the Disneyland one, was destined for Walt Disney World, but was never installed.
  • After you pass through the Haunted Mansion’s library, you are presented with an eerie piano, apparently playing by itself. However, if you look at the floor in front of it, you will see the shadow of a wretched ghost playing the haunting tune. In front of the piano on the floor is the piano stool, and three sheets of music. A close inspection of the music reveals that that one of the sheets contains staff lines, but no notes, meaning the poor composer never lived to complete his work, and is doomed to haunt the mansion until it is finished. The piano itself is an original, built by the Schomacker Piano Co. out of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . The piano is believed to have been built somewhere between 1870 and 1890.
  • There are two books on the table with the lamp as you prepare to leave the library of the Haunted Mansion. They are separate volumes from “The National Encyclopedia” and the open book is open to the “D” section so that the entry for “Death” is shown.
  • The loyal maids and butlers welcome you to Master Gracey’s Haunted Mansion. Always in character, they are the few Cast Members in all of Walt Disney World that won’t greet you with a friendly smile!
  • “Beware of Hitchiking ghosts!” warns your Ghost Host as you prepare to exit the Haunted Mansion. But hety, ghosts are (or were) people, too, and they have names!
  • The little ghost with the ball and chain is Gus, while the tall, skinny skeleton is Ezra. Their hunched-over friend with the top hat is Phineas. According to (Cast Member) legend, Ezra Dobbins
    and Phineas Queeg were friends of one of Gus Gracey, having been cellmates at the Salem Asylum for the Criminally Insane. After planning their escape, the three tried hitchhiking down the road. After meeting their demise separately, Madame Leota cast a spell banishing Gus to the Mansion for eternity. However, she eventually took pity on him and summoned his old friends to keep him company, where they continue to hitchhike to this day.
  • Rumor and myth surround the “wedding ring” embedded in the cement outside the exit to the Haunted Mansion. It is believed that the ring was intentionally put there by Disney Imagineers as part of the attraction’s story line. However, many believe that the “ring” in the pavement has nothing to do with the story at all! It is said to be the remnants of a pole that was part of the attraction’s original exit gate, which was removed during the last major ride rehab
  • Haunted Mansion
    The weather vane atop the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World is shaped like a bat, while the weather vane on Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is shaped like a ship. This may reflect an early concepts for the attraction, which dealt with a ghostly sea captain.
  • Most of the library is actually fake – Other than the top three shelves of real books, some of which slide in and out, the rest of the books in the library are actually painted images! Some of the real books in the library include a dictionary and a number of legal titles, including “Corpus Juris” (which means “body of  law”), and “Modern Legal Forms.” According to the blueprints for the Haunted Mansion , this room was painted by R.L. Grosh and Sons, Inc., who has painted numerous Hollywood sets.
  • The spooky sounds of the Haunted Mansion aren’t confined to the building’s interior. During the day, the sounds of a howling dog can be heard in the distance, while the clap of thunder at night is sure to send chills down your spine…
  • The Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square was one of the original attractions ready on opening day, and required an “E-Ticket” for admission. The first Disney Haunted Mansion opened in New Orleans Square in Disneyland in 1969.
  • After you “exit” the attic, you fall to the ground and see the knock-kneed caretaker, Dick O’Dell, and his starving dog, “Bony.” As the only mortal in the Haunted Mansion (other than you when
    you enter), he can be seen holding his railroad lantern near the entrance to the graveyard, quivering with terror, and too frightened to speak or move.
  • The organ in Disneyland’s ballroom scene was actually the organ used in filming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The one in Walt Disney World’s ballroom is an exact replica, but is made of
    plywood and fiberglass, and has no moving parts.
  • If you’re passing the Haunted Mansion at night, look up above the door to the top floor of the house, and you might just see two shadows walking by holding a lantern.
  • To keep the 200 or so props in the Haunted Mansion looking untouched and dusty, Disney buys large quantities of 5 pound bags of theatrical dust, known as “Fuller’s Earth” to decorate with. It is long been rumored that enough dust has been used since the attraction’s opening in 1971 to bury the Mansion completely!
  • There is only one “official” hidden Mickey in the Haunted Mansion – and it probably isn’t the one you think it is! The only one “officially recognized” by the Disney Imagineers is the one made out of sparkling lights on a tombstone near the singing woman in the graveyard scene. The ghost is located right before the opera singer – if you look to the right, there is a Grim Reaper holding a scepter. The top of it is shaped like Mickey’s head.
  • The most famous “hidden Mickey” may be the one in the ballroom scene, but it’s not a “real” hidden Mickey, if you ask the Imagineers. Located at the far left end of the table in the ballroom scene, there are three plates, once large and two smaller ones, arranged clearly in the shape of Mickey’s head. However, a “real” hidden Mickey is one that is placed there by an Imagineer. This Mickey head has been placed there for years by Cast Members, but is often put back by Imagineers when they inspect the ride.
  • There are 109 Audio-Animatronics figures in the Haunted Mansion.
  • If you look closely at the “real” front door to the Haunted Mansion (not where guests enter the attraction), you will notice that the the two columns along side the door are actually shaped like coffins!
  • In the Haunted Mansion, look at the portrait in the front foyer – it slowly changes as the man in the ages… and badly I might add.
  • In the Haunted Mansion, take a good look at the wall as you exit your Doombuggy at the end of the ride. The torches there are held up by what seem to be arms of ghosts.