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WDW Radio Show #30 – Interview with Imagineer Steve Kirk

Imagineer Steve Kirk, News and TONS of rumors, The Orange Bird, Contest, emails and more

Welcome to the WDW Radio Show, your Walt Disney World Information Station. This is Show #30 for the week of September 2, 2007.

There is a lot of Walt Disney World News this week, including updates on the O, Canada! show, Disney’s Pin Celebration 2007, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, changes to the reservations system and more.

And if you enjoy some of the news, you’re going to love this week’s visit to the Walt Disney World Rumor Mill, as it is packed with some very interesting tidbits, including what’s going on backstage at the Wonders of Life pavilion, what’s going on onstage at the ABC Theater, High School Musical and it’s connection to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, surprises in store at the Imagination pavilion, what to expect when Spaceship Earth reopens, the possibility of a new E-Ticket attraction and so much more. Lots of breaking rumors here with some interesting facts to back much of them up, so be sure to listen in!

Last week as part of our EPCOT Retrospective series we profiled the Imagination pavilion, and many of you wrote or called in and said that it was your favorite pavilion, and are still fans of Figment. Well this week I have a special treat for you. As part of my Legends of Disney Imagineering feature, I have an exclusive interview with former Imagineer Steve Kirk, who came up with the initial concepts for Figment and the Dreamfinder, as well as the Journey Into Imagination attraction. He also helped develop some of Disney’s most memorable characters, attractions, pavilions, and even complete theme parks. And for more than a decade, he served as the creative leader of Tokyo DisneySea in his role as Senior Vice President. We also talk about Epcot, the Studios and so much more, and I think you’re really going to enjoy this.

I’ll take a trip aboard the Walt Disney World Wayback Machine with Jeff Pepper as we explore another lovable character and his companion. This time, it’s the little Orange Bird from the Sunshine Pavilion in Adventureland. We’ll talk about who this little bird was and where he came from, his on again off again relationship with Anita Bryant, why he flew the coop, and a surprising place you can find him now.

We’ll announce the winner of our recent WDW Half Marathon Challenge Contest, and announce the latest contest with the help of Eric Hollister from GeoMouse.com and Matt “Cretaceous’ Hochberg from MGMStudios.org.

I’ll get through some more of your emails and voicemails as well, so sit back, relax enjoy this week’s episode of The WDW Radio Show.

Journey Into Imagination – Steve Kirk

Orange Thoughts of an Orange Bird by the Sherman Brothers

“Little Orange Bird in the Sunshine Tree

Won’t you think of something sunny just for me?

Think funny thoughts or sunny words

That will make me happy, little Orange Bird

He thinks beautiful orange pictures and beautiful orange words

Though his little feet can’t even make a squeak

All the thoughts he ever spoke appear in orange smoke

That’s what makes Orange Bird unique

When you’re just about green with envy

Or gonna be feeling blue

And you could use

An orange thought or two

When you start in blushing pink

Or your temper turns you red

That is when the Orange Bird

Can see you through

With his beautiful orange feathers

And beautiful leafy wings

He’s a fluffy little puffy sight to see

He can turn your frown around

When you see him looking down

The little Orange Bird up in the Sunshine Tree”


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Permits for Construction and Demolition at the Studios

ABC Theater Building permit

Hunchback of Notre Dame Theater Permit

High School Musical Permit

Microsoft LIVE! 3D view of the Hunchback Theater location

Kim Possible Experience Review at DisneyWorldTrivia.com

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