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Liberty Square Trivia

  • Tucked away between Frontierland and Fantasyland is Liberty Square, step back in time to an America on the eve of independence, in 1776. The land is modeled after early American villages with its Colonial architecture, with buildings in Georgian and Federal designs. Liberty Square was originally designed as part of an expansion of California ‘s Disneyland in 1958. Two new lands, Edison Square and Liberty Street, were to be built to the east of Main Street, USA, but the lands were never built, and the concept was modified and created in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square instead.
  • Have a colonial feast at The Liberty Tree Tavern in (where else?) Liberty Square. Hosted by Stouffer’s, there are delicious, themed meals such as the Declaration Salad and Patriot’s Platter, and kids will love their macaroni and cheese! Dinner can be spent with Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Meeko.
  • Disney is always expanding its theme parks, and Disneyland in California is no exception. Even areas such as Main Street, USA, with seemingly little room to build, were ripe for growth. Early expansion concepts included a residential area, where the Haunted Mansion was to be built, an "International Street," which sounded much like Epcot’s World Showcase, "Edison Square," honoring Thomas Edison and his inventions, and there were even signs for an upcoming "Liberty Street" posted many years ago, until the plans were abandoned for good. There would have been buildings representing the 13 colonies, and themed to the period. "Independence Hall" would have been the signature attraction, very much like the "Hall of Presidents" we have today. The idea never materialized in Disneyland , but was expanded and used as the basis for Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square.
  • In the 1970’s a daily ceremony was held in Liberty Square in front of the Liberty Bell called "The Sons and Daughters of Liberty." The ceremony involved a fife and drum corps marching with a Cast Member in Revolutionary-era costuming. He/she would then choose a boy and girl from the crowd to be the official "son and daughter" of Liberty . This ceremony no longer takes place in the Magic Kingdom .
  • The replica of the Liberty Bell in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square is the only one in existence made from the same authentic cast used for the original in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . One the replica was created, the mold taken from the original was destroyed.
  • The Liberty Square Christmas Shop in the Magic Kingdom is designed to look like three separate shops with the walls opened between them. They are supposed to be owned by three different colonial families – a German family, a woodcarver’s family, and a musician’s family.