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50’s Prime Time Cafe Review

I think you really have to *appreciate* the ambiance of this place, and appreciate what it is they are trying to do. I can see how someone who had no idea what to expect (at ALL-including being loudly blasted for not ‘cleaning your plate!’, or made to stand on the wall) might be annoyed.

The entertainment begins as soon as you enter- you are asked how many kids. It was confirmed that we had 2 big kids, 3 little kids, and one really little kid (baby). We were then told to wait in our "living room" til Mom called for lunch. As others were being called, we heard " ___ kids, Mom’s ready for lunch!" or "Mom’s got lunch on the table for the ___ kids!"

When it was our turn, our server was not quite as enthusiastic, but we still got up and went to our table. First, we stopped to take a picture in the "kitchen" (a photo spot), then were seated. Cousin (whatever her name was) threw us our straws (yes, threw them at us – again, part of the atmosphere), and proceeded to go over the house ‘rules’ with us. When my husband asked if they served sweet tea, she did offer to stir the sugar in with her finger, if he would like. Alas, he declined 🙂

We then ordered our food. Meanwhile, next to us the server was a hoot! He was like the pesky little annoying brother. Every time another family was seated in his section, he’d introduce them as "your cousins from out of town" to the rest of his section. He kept nagging and nagging at his guests, oh he was so funny!

I had the fried chicken (YUM!) and my husband had the chicken sandwich. A bit pricey for a chicken sandwich and fries ($14) but it was good. The kids all got mac n’ cheese.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere, the props, the roles the cast members played, and had a very amusing, enjoyable time. I’m thinking of taking my unsuspecting mother, for her birthday…