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Streetmosphere Characters

One of the greatest and often under-appreciated elements of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are the “Streemoshere Characters.” These street performers show up on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard to complete the illusion that you have traveled to Hollywood of the 30’s and 40’s.

Part of the magic involves the use of scripted, and often improvisational “acts” along the streets, often times with Guest involvement (sometimes unsuspecting Guest involvement!) . The list blow references characters that represent some of the “citizens” of Hollywood, stars and starlets, headliner “acts,” directors, producers, acting coaches, and even the local law enforcement. This is is not all-inclusive, and it should be noted that many acts (and actors) come and go, so the list many not include all performers that you many see at any given time.

And the best way to enjoy the Streemosphere characters is to help be a part of their act… feel free to approach them and strike up a conversation if you like… and if you don’t feel like participating, just be sure to applaud these talented performers for their work.

  1. Betsy Berkeley
  2. Sarah Besque
  3. Perry Blade
  4. Priscilla Brattage
  5. Chloé Canard
  6. Coco Chanelle
  7. Gabby Chatham
  8. Dori Clay
  9. Officer William Club (get it? Billy Club?)
  10. Alberto Dante
  11. Dainty Debbie
  12. Jack Diamond
  13. Officer Ralph Digby
  14. Vivian Dish
  15. Peggy Dot
  16. Flavio Fellini
  17. Francis Floot
  18. Gracie Flutterbug
  19. Ima Fraudian
  20. Greta Garbage
  21. Stone Granite
  22. Elmo Grease
  23. Bucky Greenhorn
  24. Boss Gus Gobbleman
  25. Dr. Achilles Heel
  26. Roman Holiday
  27. Dr. Charley Horse
  28. The Great H.P.
  29. Gabrielle Huntington
  30. Bunny Hopp
  31. Officer Aliwicious Jabroni
  32. Bubbles LaMoré
  33. Lady LaRue
  34. Frederick Lewenowski
  35. Shelby Mayer
  36. Monty Metro
  37. Sergent Ronnie McDonnie (as in Ronald McDonald…)
  38. Madeline Moore
  39. Tella Morelle
  40. Dorma Nesmond
  41. Fanny O’Rear
  42. Lars Olfsen
  43. Lenny Plummer
  44. Mel Rose
  45. Rosie the Cleaning Lady
  46. Victoria Throckmorton
  47. Paige Turner
  48. Zelda Schoop
  49. Frankie (Eiknarf) Scottkey
  50. Captain Edwynn Sideman
  51. Suzy Slash
  52. LeRoy Small
  53. Montana Smith
  54. Myron Sneldenburger
  55. Sparky Sparks
  56. Lucky Starr
  57. Skip To My Loo (my darlin’)
  58. Otto Gregor von Aeroflex
  59. Otto von Bonn Bahn
  60. Dame Sadie Wimsey
  61. Mayor Wilfred P. Witherspoon
  62. Polly Wolly Doodle
  63. Hollie Woods