Two NEW Disney web sites!

Thanks to our friends over at the Disney Movie Club who let me know about these, there are two, brand new sites that I wanted to let you know about: :
Film reviews from “Disney Dads” — a special group of Disney employees busy creating magic at work and at home. Let them take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right film for your family with their thoughtful suggestions made with parents in mind. :
Discover a treasure trove of classic Disney movies and shorts available only through Disney Exclusives. These classic movies are sure to bring countless hours of entertainment to your entire family. Not available in stores, Disney Movie Club members may now welcome back legendary favorites that include the complete first season of Walt Disney’s landmark TV series, “Zorro” (1957-59), starring Guy Williams (TV’s “Lost In Space”), and the most popular presentations from “The Wonderful World Of Disney” – the longest-running prime time series in television history. Available to own for the first time on DVD for a new generation, the current Disney Exclusives library consists of over 20 handpicked titles that offer Disney Movie Club members classic storytelling and the magical memories of timeless Disney entertainment.


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