Who Creates Hidden Mickeys?

Cast Member-added Hidden Mickeys may or may not be allowed to remain. The side profile Hidden Mickey in a window of Gangster Alley of The Great Movie Ride was added by a CM, removed by Imagineers (since it wasn’t preapproved), then replaced by a CM. This time it was allowed to remain by the Imagineers! I’m happy about that, as it’s a cool Hidden Mickey.



Hidden Mickey in The Great Movie Ride

Guest-added Hidden Mickeys usually disappear rather quickly. One guest sent me a photo of a classic Mickey she made with two rocks (as the ears) over a spotlight (for Mickey’s head) on the ground under the outside sign at the entrance to the Land Pavilion at Epcot. Sure, it was a decent Mickey image, but when I arrived to check it out a week or so later, it wasn’t there!

However, one guest-added classic Mickey has not been removed! It’s the group of rocks that form Mickey’s head and ear circles at the bottom of the aquarium at the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion. Cast Members (and presumably Imagineers) have allowed it to remain. Joshua Lehrer claims that his brother, while diving in the aquarium, recently repaired the “chin” of the image!



Guest Created Hidden Mickey in the Aquarium

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