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Walt Disney World Rumor Mill for the week of September 14, 2008

As heard on the WDW Radio Show, episode 84, September 14, 2008

Rumors are once again resurfacing about the movie at Soarin’ being changed to a worldwide theme. Supposedly the movie will be changed on both coasts sometime next year. This is still very much just a rumor.

The new Disney Fairies room in the Toontown Hall of Fame at the Magic Kingdom park seems to be under construction, as the Disney Pals room in this location was closed recently. I’ve also been told of permit filings that mention the “ToonTown Princess/Fairies Queue Modifications.” As a result of the Pals room closing, I also hear that we may be able to see Pluto in Town Square, Goofy near the Splash Mountain exit, and Donald Duck in Frontierland in his pioneer outfit.

I mentioned a few weeks ago the fact that, due to apparent cutbacks, the Four for a Dollar pre-show performers from the Beauty and the Beast stage show were going to leave permanently as of September 20th. I have also come to hear that they may not be the only group who will be retired. From what I understand, Inkas Wasi and The Karuka Acrobats in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom have been retired as of September 1, 2008. Also, The Main Street Family Fun Day Parade will end its run on September 27th. OrisiRisi, the African performers in World Showcase, have been retired effective August 30, 2008; and also in World Showcase, Spelmanns Gledje, the Norwegian folk group, was retired on that date as well. Even Wes Palm, the walking and talking palm tree at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, may have been retired as of September first. And as I mentioned previously, Woody’s Cowboy Camp will have its last hoedown in Frontierland on September 27. I have to say I am saddened by this, as it is this type of free, interactive entertainment that I really enjoyed seeing and watching other Guests enjoy as well. Hopefully they will either return or be replaced by other types of performers.

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