Filming Video of your Favorite Rides

For many Walt Disney World visitors, the rides are the attractions that they love the most and have the fondest memories of. If this is the case for you, here are some easy steps you can take to capture your experience on video if you want to relive it at home.
But first, let’s confront the most obvious question, do you really want to take your video camera on the ride? Personally, I generally don’t and don’t recommend you do it because a camera can be easily dropped or damaged. A good camera isn’t cheap or easily replaced, and I’m not willing to take the risk with my own camera. The outline I provide will work fine if you don’t take YOUR camera on rides either.
(All this being said, there are helmet cams that you can strap to your head or other body part and use it to catch the action of your ride. You’ve probably seen footage on TV taken by mountain bikers or other athletes. I’ve never used one, but if you have, I would love to see it. Post it on YouTube and contact me through my YouTube channel, Disneyhomevideo.)
Step 1: I think a good first step is to take a shot of the ride entrance for a few seconds, and then to film a pre-ride interview with a family member. This sets the stage for the ride and can capture some of the happy anticipation your family is feeling.
Step 2: Now it’s time for some action shots, which you should take BEFORE you get on the ride. Because I am usually both filming and riding, I’ll take a shot of whatever action I can see. A good example of this would be to capture a few shots of the loading area. Many queues and loading areas are elaborate and very interesting and are well worth capturing on film. If you plan appropriately, you can capture action before you load a ride as well. For instance, on one of my videos I took a few shots from the bridge over the Splash Mountain ride vehicles and used that for my video.
Step 3: After the ride is complete, do a an exit interview with a family member, and have your subject talk about their experience on the ride. Do this immediately after getting off the ride, don’t wait! This is a great way to capture some of the excitement of the attraction, as whoever you film will still be “turned on” by the ride.
And that’s it! You can adjust this outline as needed by adding shots or rearranging the shot order, just be sure that you are doing your best to tell the story of your ride. By having a beginning, a middle, and an end, you video will provide the most continuity and enjoyment for your audience. Good luck with your filming!
Check out my online tutorial here on Making Ride Videos.


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