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Visiting Pixie Hollow

Mini-V, Reporter at Large


It’s not often that I allow myself to be shrunk to a size smaller than my already small normal, but if one wants to visit Tinker Bell and her friends in Pixie Hollow, it’s a requirement. Allotting a good deal of time to visit Pixie Hollow is also a requirement. Although I was willing to go it alone, I was pleased to find that fellow DisneyWorldTrivia forum member Lilo88 was willing to join me on my adventure.

We entered Mickey’s Toontown Fair just after it opened at [10:00] AM. Though the crowds in Magic Kingdom were certainly not heavy, we still had a 30 minute wait; which was actually the shortest posted wait time for the fairies I’ve seen thus far. The number of people already in the queue wasn’t that great, but the guests are treated to quite a long visit with each fairy, and this extra attention results in long waits. Many guests might consider it a fair trade-off.

The entrance to Pixie Hollow can be found in the Toontown Hall of Fame Tent located between Mickey’s Country House and Minnie’s Country House. The queue has two entrances: one for Princesses on the left, and one for Fairies on the right. The queues are separate and guests need to exit one greeting area before entering the queue area for the other. If there are some less than enthusiastic members of your party that would rather wait for you to complete your visit to Pixie Hollow (or the Princess), there are several benches to the far left of this area on which they can wait for the rest of their group.

As you begin to enter the queue area, there are two video screens showing video clips of “Tinker Bell”, “Cinderella”, and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The walls are decorated with elaborate gold scrolls along the bottom while the top is covered with draperies in rich jewel tones of green, purple and pink. It certainly sets the tone for what is to come.


Once guests have reached the roped off area at the top of the queue, they are asked the number in their party. Depending on the number in each group, about 5 groups are allowed to move up to wait for a Cast Member to take you beyond the closed doors ahead. Controlling the number of guests entering the greeting area helps build the suspense, and allows younger guests to see the fairies and know that their turn to meet them is coming soon. Each group or family is given a special “Pixie PhotoPass” with a wristband.

The Cast Member did a great job of preparing us for entering the next queue area. We were told that we would be “reduced in size” in order to enter Pixie Hollow, and that we should be on the look-out for fairies along the way. We were also promised that we would return to our normal height upon leaving Pixie Hollow.

Fairies and Cast Members alike are very proud of Pixie Hollow and enjoy bringing your attention to various items in the greeting area. We met Iridessa, Tinker Bell, and Rosetta during our visit. The combination of fairies present is not set, but I believe there is supposed to be three present at a time. Each fairy was gracious and asked lots of questions – and they were talking to two adults! I’m sure they are even more affable with younger guests.


Guests may use their special “Pixie PhotoPass” to have their photo taken, or the photographer will also use your personal camera if you wish. Even the exit area, that brings guests back to the waiting area to the left of the entrance area, has a bit of sparkle and pizzazz.

If you can make time during your next visit to the Magic Kingdom, I’m certain that your little fairy (or inner pixie) will leave Pixie Hollow with a memory to last lifetime.