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World of Disney Trial Runs Personal Shopping Service

As heard on The WDW Radio Show, episode 93, November 16, 2008.

While wandering and working by the waters of Downtown Disney Marketplace the other day, I noticed a sign outside the World of Disney store, advertising a new, limited time only offering of free, personal shopping service. Curious as I am, I had to go inside to see what this was all about and learn a little more. I was able to speak with someone at the World of Disney Information Desk, and she explained: a specially trained World of Disney Cast Member will help the Guest find the items they are looking for in the store. They will stay with the Guest from start to finish, even handling their check out. It is a free service, and you can schedule it in advance by calling the Walt Disney World Mail Order number at 407-363-6200.

I really like this idea, and wish I had time to try it. When I posted this via Twitter, a couple of people asked me “what’s the catch?” I’m happy to say that after recording with the Cast Member and then speaking to another: there is none. It is something that Disney is experimenting with simply as a service to their Guests. If anyone has had any experience with it, please let me know or call the voicemail and share it with us.

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