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Mini Reporter at Large: A Look at Shades of Green

If you’ve ever thought about taking advantage of being able to stay at Shades of Green near Walt Disney World, don’t even hesitate. I had the opportunity to tour the hotel and grounds today with a guest who is staying there. What a wonderful facility!

For anyone not familiar with Shades of Green, it’s a hotel run specifically for the US military and their families and is located very close to the Walt Disney World golf courses and Magic Kingdom. It’s a huge facility with 2 restaurants, a pool, two shops, a gym, and conference area. I also saw an ice cream shop and a coffee kiosk that sold a variety of designer coffee. It’s not run by Disney, but from what I could see, it’s about as good as you can get without being a Disney hotel. In fact, it has a bonus that the Disney hotels don’t have: a parking garage connected to the hotel. If you’ve ever gotten into a car that’s been sitting in the Florida sun all day, you’ll appreciate this bit of a bonus.

The decor in the lobby was reminiscent of the Wilderness Lodge and there was enough Disney decor around to remind you that Mickey and his gang aren’t far away. The room I visited had two queen beds and a couch that pulled out to a full-size bed. The view from the small patio overlooked the golf course. Definitely a great location to kick back with a cup of coffee or tea and watch the sun come up before starting a day at Walt Disney World.

The room itself was quite roomy, and even though it wasn’t wheel-chair accessible, I believe one could navigate the room in a wheel-chair unless the couch was pulled open for sleeping.

All in all, I’d say Shades of Green is definitely worth consideration if you are a military family looking to energize and get reacquainted.