2009 Dream Team Auction Final Results

MagicMeets 2009 proved once again that Disney fans have the most generous hearts on the planet.

550 fans in the ballroom, and many others watching and listening online to WDW Today’s live podcast, said to heck with the economy, we’re going to make some Magic!


The final breakdown of the money raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America worked out to this:

The Celebrity MagicTunes and Arooga’s Karaoke meets on Friday night: $830

Minnie’s Mart on Friday night raised $1360. Then when I was packing up the few leftover items to take home, a little more shopping was done, so the new Minnie’s Mart total is $1410.

Note Cards, Poster Sales, and Donations: a few more donations were received after the sign was written up, and Lou didn’t realize he had a can full of money sitting on his WDW Radio table until after the meet was over… so the new total for this category is $1521.

Online donations as encouraged by the gang at WDW Today continued to come in after 4 p.m., and one made on Sunday morning I’m going to count in this total, since it was from a Dream Team staff member who couldn’t attend MagicMeets due to other commitments, so the online donation total is now up to $1680.

The auction itself raised $10,495.

Beci Mahnken & Mouse Fan Travel contributed $700. I’m heading to YouTube next to find out just what the Moonwalking Challenge was!

So that puts us at $16,676.

I like nice round numbers (except on birthdays), don’t you? So I’m chipping in $364 to make it an even $17,000. Makes the numbers much easier to remember, right?

Then there was Tony and Charlene.
The day hadn’t already been emotional enough, I guess, because they still had a surprise hiding up their sleeve. And they got CMO Justin in on it, just to mess with my carefully typed cue cards.
$10,000. I still don’t know what to say. Thank you isn’t enough. You are incredible!


That brings the Grand Total for this year, after all the last donations have been counted, to $27,000.

Wait, sorry, that just wasn’t big enough. Let’s try again:


Thank you again to everyone who donated items, who placed a bid, bought some note cards or a poster, donated online or in the cash cans, or even just came by to say “good job.” Together we have made dreams come true, and there is no more powerful magic than that in the world.

Thank you to the Dream Team Project Auction staff – the best team on the planet! I could not be more grateful for and proud of all of you, for the work you have done and the dedication you have shown. The last week before the meet, I was emailing page after page of “summer reading assignements” – directions, policy, instructions, and reminders, that I have been told by the team member who works for NASA that “Not even the Space Shuttle has instructions this detailed.” I know I asked a lot of all of you, and you came through with everything I asked and then some. I am very lucky to call you friends as well as team mates. Janet, Lori, Lesa, Tracy, Linda, James, Valerie, Steve, Amanda, Brian, Tony, Charlene, Kate, Tracy S, Terry, Kathleen, Kathryn, and Cassidy. You guys are the best!


Thank you to the members of the Dream Team Project who helped with planning and wrapping and more throughout the year, especially Meg, Kellie, and April.

Thank you to Colleen and the MagicMeetsketeers for their help too. Colleen, Mary & Tacey made sure that our every need was attended to, from the tables being ‘moved just a little bit more’ to getting the team fed, and always done with a ‘Just tell me what you need and we’ll take care of it” and a smile.

Thank you to Fred, for allowing us the time and space to hold this event each year. It takes a special kind of person to give so much, and so much more than people realize.

Thank you to Lou, who got us into this to begin with. It was his dream to send a child with cancer to Walt Disney World that got this whole thing started. Almost $60,000 later ($3,822 + $9,000 + $20,000 + $27,000), the dream has grown a bit but still shines brightly as our inspiration and motivation. There’s lots more ahead for the Dream Team Project, and a lot more wishes to be granted out there.

The Dream Team Project is a great example of what can happen when people come together because they believe in dreams, they wish upon stars, and they care about making someone else smile. For a child who has their wish granted because of our efforts, the world has become a much happier place. I thank you for your support and your contributions, and for making dreams come true.

Thank you!

[EDIT 8/16/09 after a discussion with Fred, the Aroogas/MagicTunes total was incorrect. The total amount will remain the same after an additional donation to correct it.]


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