Many Thanks 2009

The Dream Team Project would like to thank the many people who donated items or otherwise made a contribution to this year’s auction. Many thanks to everyone who donated their time, talent, souvenirs, creativity, super-sale-priced-finds, collectibles, special-stuff-we-got-two-of’s, supplies, and too-cool-to-pass-it-up stuff. From the smallest of pins to the largest of art pieces, it takes a lot to make our auction what it is, and we are grateful for each and every contribution.

We wouldn’t be able to make the magic happen without these generous people!


April & Janet Baker of Scrapping the
Steve Barrett of Hidden Mickeys
Fred Block
Lori Burke of WeWantsTheRedhead
Tracy Cherry
Carlos De Sousa of Northern Mouse Podcast
Rosemary Delillo
James & Linda Dezern
Larry Dotson
Lee Dralle
Valerie Drew
Laura Eckert Thompson & Brian Thompson
Raelynn Eickhoff
Chris Eliopoulos of Misery Loves Sherman
Cindy & Brad Garfinkel
Carol Hartung
Jim & Jessica Hartung
Colleen Jurkowitsch
Masayo Kano
Jessica Kara
Will Knecht
Gloria Konsler
Lesa Lamb
Kellie Linsenbigler
Chuck Lionberger of DisneyDaddy
Sandy MacGowan
Mary Madden
Beci Mahnken of MEI/Mouse Fan Travel
Linda Martin
Lou Mongello of the WDW Radio Show
Mike Newell & the WDW Today Podcast team
Cheryl & Todd Perlmutter
Sheila & John Rick
Jim & Karen Rose
Jen Rother
Virginia Rother
Tracy Schatz
Scott Thomas
Kaitlin Tillan
Christy Viszoki
Kelly Walker of Better With A
The Whitson Family
Deb Wills of AllEars.Net


Thank You!!!!


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