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Pirates of the Caribbean: From the parks to the movies… and back again. A Treasure Hunt in Walt Disney World

Post and photos by Jeremy Marx

Whenever you visit any of the Disney Parks, you could run into replicas, or maybe even real props, from Disney movies and TV shows.  You may come across items such as the mermaid fountain from “Splash”, the vehicle that helped destroy an asteroid before it could smash into the Earth, or even Mary Poppins’s umbrella in a train station.  You may even pass by a mine cart from Indiana Jone’s and the Temple of Doom, and a minute later be looking at the troop truck that tried to run over Indy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  These little treasures can be found anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes all it takes is for you to talk to a Cast Member to find them.

During one such excursion through Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, our fearless group had just finished a short boat trip watching pirates plundering about, when we were introduced to a few open but little known treasures.  It was quite in the shop that evening, and the Cast Member was more then willing to point out several items that guests rarely notice.  The first she point out was Davy Jones’s key, which was hanging by it’s chain around a vase near the ceiling half way down the left wall from the attraction exit.

She then walked us to the other side to show us a medallion on a gold chain, above us and to the left of the side door for The Prates League.

We were then told that there were two more items on the other side of the closed door inside the Pirates League, but it was closed at this time.  One being a chest, but no explanation of the other item.  This made us all start to wonder what it could be, but we couldn’t get an answer to this question.  Or could we?

The next day, two of us went back to try and get answers to our questions.  Luckily we went when the Pirates League was open and a Cast Member inside was happy to answer our questions, until of course we asked about this mysterious item.  We got a strange look, and then a pause, so we decided to back off  from mentioning this item for now.  When we asked about the other items, she was happy to point out the key, coin medallion, and then showed us where the chest was at.  This is Davy Jones’s chest where he hid his heart from the world.  However, this is not an easy item to see.  It is located under a leaning chair, next to a barrel, and behind a couple of candle holders.  Without the camera flash, I was not able to see it.  It is best to look for it from the side door, and it’s across the room on the top of the shelf.

This Cast Member then started pointing out other items that we were not told about the previous evening.  The first being cannons from the films on top of the changing rooms.

And also, the Pirates branding iron.  This is located just inside the Pirates League, on the top of the bookcase next to where you get your Pirate name.

This brings us back to the mystery item.  But alas, while we did finally find out what it was, we swore a Pirates Oath and a promise not to divulge it’s identity.  However, I can say, everyone that has taken their Pirates Oath and sworn to be a Pirate, up to a point, has seen this item!  Just remember, keep your eyes open, and always be willing to ask questions, because, who knows what you will find next!