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The Latest in Lou Mongello’s Audio Guides to Walt Disney World: Liberty Square AND Mickey’s Toontown Fair Available Now

In 2007, I launched an all-new project that I had been thinking of and working on for many years. In addition to the show, I wanted to offer a much more details, structured and focused look at the parks, and virtually tour you individually through each land, attraction, shop and restaurant.

After a long and in-depth period of research, writing, editing, re-writing, editing, recording and producing, I released Main Street, USA in early 2008. I followed that with Adventureland later that year, and Fantasyland in 2009.

In each of the guides, I want to feel as though we are touring the parks together, but allow you to listen anytime to get that feeling of “being there‚” as we explore the parks in depth to help you plan your next magical vacation. Each guide is punctuated by the three-dimensional ambient sounds of each land, appropriate to what and where we would be standing and examining.

I also want you to be able to take the guide with you to the parks in order to enhance your experience. Put it on your MP3 player, see what I’m pointing out, enjoy first-hand the overlooked experiences and find many of the overlooked details hidden treasures.

For those listeners that are visually impaired, you can experience Walt Disney World virtually at home, or take the tour along when you visit the parks, as I describe your surroundings in detail.

I wanted the guides to appeal to everyone from the first time visitor, to the family making a return trip to their favorite vacation spot, to the hardcore Disney World fan, who has been there, seen it all, but enjoys the stories, history and details of the parks.

I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful response to the first three guides, and appreciate your patience as I researched and wrote the next in the series.

If you listened to Fantasyland, you know that the next stop on our journey is Liberty Square.

Unique to Walt Disney World, it represents the fulfillment of one of Walt Disney’s personal dreams to let guests interactively experience the significance of American history and folklore. It is a land that is less about fantasy and more about reality, and is replete with details and significance in design and architecture. And once again, we’ll explore the history, both real and imagined, trivia, hidden treasures and overlooked details of Liberty Square.

So I’m incredibly excited, happy and proud to announce that I have a release date for this next in my Audio Guide series. And it’s going to be – right now. Not the announcement, but the release of the guide itself.

Starting Monday, September 6, Liberty Square will be available for purchase on the WDWRadio store at WDWRadio.com

The instantly downloadable file is available now, and you can Pre-Order the CD as well. The CD will be released in a few weeks, but the download is identical in every way, including all cover art and liner notes.

A CD holds no more than 1 hr 20 mins minutes of audio, and the Liberty Square Guide comes in literally at [1:19:59] – so I packed as much as possible on the Guide.

We will take a very detailed look at the land’s history, tracing its roots back not only to Disneyland, but Walt himself. We’ll tour not just its attractions, but the colonial town that makes up liberty square, the shops, restaurants, stories and to American history, and the people that helped found this nation.

This Guide is unique in that it will hopefully not only teach you about the land’s rich layers of storytelling, but educate you about the importance of the real American history being shared on the three dimensional stage of Liberty Square

Have to tell you that it was one of the most enjoyable and truly educational research projects for me, and it has given me an amazing new appreciation and fascination with this land, making it one of my favorites in Walt Disney World

To learn more and order your instantly downloadable copy, or pre-order the CD, visit the Audio Guide section of the WDW Radio store click on the shop link.

I hope you enjoy the new Audio Guide to Liberty Square!!

Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

But wait… there’s more!! In fact, there’s just “one more thing”…. (yes, I’m totally borrowing that from Steve Jobs), but like him, I DO have something else to share with you

Part of the delay in getting Liberty Square ready for release was not just because I wanted to put out the best possible product I could, but because while researching and writing it, something else happened.

And it wasn’t my doing – it was Disney’s. You see, a few months ago, Disney announced something that profoundly changed what I was doing with the Audio Guides.

Sure, when they announced the radical changes and growth coming to Fantasyland, that immediately made the Audio Guide outdated – not obsolete, but I look at it as a snapshot in time, chronicling the history of that land. Don’t worry – when the new Fantasyland is finished, I will update that guide.

But it did something else – it started the clock ticking – not just for Fantasyland, but for Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

And that gave me an idea – I had to be sure and record all that i could in and about this land before it was gone forever, as certainly a Mickey’s Toontown Fair Audio Guide would have to be created, although the plan was to have it follow a projected path, probably after Tomorrowland, as it was the last (and only) land to be added to the Magic Kingdom.

But I couldn’t release the Guide AFTER Toontown Fair had closed. Why? Because these aren’t meant to be historical reference guides, but instead something to help let you enjoy and appreciate the lands even more NOW – when you visit, or in between trips.

So that’s why, in addition to the release of Liberty Square, I’m also releasing Mickey’s Toontown Fair “out of sequence” as it were. And right now as well.

So on Monday, Sept. 6, you will not only be able to order Liberty Square, but Mickey’s Toontown Fair as an instant download, or Pre-Order on CD.

In this guided walking tour, we will look at the history of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, from the temporary land created as a birthday present for Mickey Mouse, to it’s changes through the years, and the incredible details, trivia, hidden treasures and tributes to the Golden Age of early Disney animation. We’ll tour the vacation homes of Mickey and his pals, and explore the rich layers of detail and stories that make this land more than simply a play area for children.

My hope is that many of you may still have the opportunity to visit before it is replaced by an extension of an enchanted Fantasyland forest, while others of you may get to re-live your previous visits to this area. Either way, I hope that you will enjoy having this historical documentation of what used to be, recorded IN mickey’s Toontown Fair, while it was still in full operation.

So that’s it – I’ve been a very busy person lately and if you follow my updates on Twitter or Facebook, you know I haven’t been sleeping much, so now you know why (not that I will get much sleep now that these are done, as you know I’m always working on something new)

But these have been a labor of love and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

I hope that you have as much fun listening to these and all the guides as I did creating them.

For more information or to place your order, visit the WDWRadio store