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WDW Radio Disney Book Club – Kingdom Keepers IV Chapter 2 Discussion Questions and Chapter 1 Recap

Disney Book Club

Greetings, fellow WDW Radio Disney Book Club participants!  We hope you had a great week and enjoyed the first chapter of Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keeper’s IV: Power Play.  By all accounts from the first chapter posts, people are happily engaged by these teens who are trying to protect our magical home-away-from-home.

Thank you to everyone who posted their replies to the first chapter.  Please feel free to continue to do so and respond to previous posts.  Please also feel free to add your own questions for discussion.  A special thanks to Deb who added a question about Amanda and Jess in her post!  We want this club to be interactive, so please continue to add your thoughts and insights!

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It appears from our first set of questions that Maleficent is far more intimidating to the majority of our readers than Cruella is.  As Heather explained, “Cruella is just a mean fashion designer. If I was a dalmation maybe I would fear her more.”  Stephanie colorfully contrasted the two characters in this way, “In a contest of which baddy is the baddest, I’d have to say The Evil Queen. Yes, Cruella is kinda scary at times, but she is a rather dim-witted toothpick. She could easily be outsmarted and taken down; whereas the Evil Queen has magic and a few more brain cells at her disposal.”  Not everyone was as worried by the Evil Queen, however.  Some, like Donna, did select Cruella:  “I think I would find Cruella more frightening. She is so darn skinny and ugly and kills animals, and has the word devil in her last name.”

It also appears that if Ridley Pearson were to select from our talented pool of readers to cast a new Kingdom Keeper, he would have quite a difficult time!  What an amazing group!  From 9-year-old Carter who can think quickly to Matthew who will keep calm under pressure, we offer a great variety of skills!  Of course, many of you bring a wealth of Disney knowledge to the table and could bring insights on the parks and knowledge of Disney history to assist in those precarious situations in which the Kingdom Keepers always find themselves.  And of course, as Jamie suggests, our friend Lou could be thanked for making us all such wonderful Disney resources!!

That brings us to a recap of question 3 and broken attractions.  Test Track.  Why do you torture us so?  It seems that more than a few of us have spent sweltering moments waiting on line for that amazing ride, only to have technology dash our hopes!  Ah well, it’s a good reminder to us all that we should carry a good piece of reading material in our backpacks (WDW Radio Disney Book Club, of course) when waiting for our attractions, since sadly, even the Disney magic sometimes is not immune to the realities of daily life.

Thanks again or such thoughtful and fun commentary.  We loved reading your thoughts and are anxious to see what you all have to say about this week’s questions!

The reading for the week of April 18-24 is Chapter 2, pages 40-100. The mystery of the story really heats up in chapter 2, and we trust you will be engrossed in each page!  Below you will find our discussion questions for this chapter.  Again, you may respond to some—or all—of the questions and post your thoughts in the blog.  Please feel free to add your own questions as well!

1. On page 43, Finn describes his mother as a “huge fan of everything Disney.”  How do you describe your level of affection for Disney?  What do you say when people say, “you are going to Disney AGAIN?!?”

2. Kingdom Keepers is told from the perspective of the young adult Kingdom Keepers, though  the parents are part of the story as well.  This question is divided into two parts–please select the one that best applies to you:

a. For our younger readers (those who are still “officially” kids): Imagine YOU were a Kingdom Keeper.  How would you explain this job to your parents?

b. For our older readers (those who are “kids at heart”): Imagine you were the parent of a child who just announced she/he was a Kingdom Keeper.  What would your reaction be?

3. Much of the second chapter is set at EPCOT at night.  In particular, Ridley Pearson places the characters in the Norway pavilion at night.  If you had the chance to go into ANY attraction at EPCOT after park hours, which would you choose and why?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the book club, please contact Christy at Christy@WDWRadio.com Have a great week!  Happy reading!