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WDW Radio Disney Book Club– Kingdom Keepers IV, Chapters 8 & 9 Questions and Chapter 7 Recap

Disney Book Club

Hello everyone and welcome to the second half of May!  As the month draws to a close, so too does our first book club selection!  Just two more weeks until we are done.  We are coordinating a special surprise to wrap this first book up, so stay tuned! 

Naturally, with the first book drawing to a close, the natural question is: “what’s next?”  Listen carefully as the next TWO book selections will be announced in next week’s show!

Last week we discussed the lengthy and action-packed seventh chapter of Kingdom Keepers.  We considered four questions for this pivotal chapter.

The first question involved reader peeks at the “Backstage” area of Walt Disney World.  While some of our members are too young to have seen the backstage areas, others (including former cast members!) have seen these areas extensively.  Tours including Keys to the Kingdom were popular ways to see the magic behind what we see onstage.  However we have seen it, those who have been backstage believe the experience mostly enhanced their appreciation of the onstage guest experience.  As Heather, who has seen many parts of the backstage areas, observed, “…nothing ever ruined the magic for me. When you see how everything works and how no one onstage sees it, it makes me appreciate the magic.”

As far as our favorite Disney t-shirts, we all seem to have a passionate favorite.  I cannot wait to see what amazing shirts will come out as part of the fortieth anniversary which is approaching!

When it comes to the book itself, we are creative members of this reading community.  The group seemed to be most sympathetic to Willa’s plight in chapter 7.  Marisa explained the challenges Willa faced in great detail. “First, being stuck in the syndrome is scary. Then, her confrontation with the different Overtaker’s. The Evil Queen is creepy on the T.V. and in the ride, let alone in person. Plus, she was having to hide from everyone in SpaceShip Earth. Then, the oh so creepy and awful spiders. I couldn’t handle that!”  However, a number of us were grossed out and supported poor old Finn and Philby’s rendezvous in the trash chutes!  As Sherri explained, “I know Willa had it bad with trying to get out of sleeping beauty syndrome and having the soldiers chase her, but having trash hurled at you is pretty gross. I could not have done what Finn and Philby did.”

This book has been a fabulously fun read–I am sad to see the pages fly by, knowing it will soon be over.  Ridley has such a wonderfully entertaining writing style. 

The reading for the week of May 16-May 22 is Chapters 8 & 9, pages 253-313. The Kingdom Keepers are in the critical position of trying to crack the mystery of the OverTakers.  Again, you are welcome to respond to some—or all—of the questions and post your thoughts in the blog.  Please feel free to add your own questions as well!

  1. In chapters 8 & 9, the Keepers hypothesize that some of the OTs were sleeping within WDW in order to turn themselves into DHIs.  If YOU had the ability to set up a sleeping bag and sleep anywhere on property, where would you go?  Why?
  2.  “The Kiss” between Finn and Amanda is a pivotal moment for the Keepers.  Disney is known for the “Disney kiss.”  What is your favorite romantic moment between 2 Disney animated characters?
  3. Willa mentions when she is in EPCOT that Morocco is her favorite nation in World Showcase.  What is yours?
  4. What is your theory about the strange behavior of Jafar when he met Willa and Maybeck in chapter 10?

Have a great week everyone!!  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please drop me a note at Christy@WDWRadio.com