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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Price of Freedom Discussion Questions Prologue-Ch. 3

Ahoy mateys!!  Thanks for joining us on this new book club excursion, as we journey into the background of our favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow.  As previously announced, our second WDW Radio Disney Book Club selection is The Price of Freedom by A.C. Crispin.  This official prequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies will explain the early life of that notorious pirate.  (See our earlier blog, featuring her book launch party, to learn a little more about the development of this book!)

Already, the Disney fan in me is having a ball!  There are so many fun (and funny) Disney references in this book.  Ms. Crispin clearly conducted a great deal of research while completing this.  Watch for these fun winks to the Disney fan in all of us.

As always, we have created some discussion questions for you to consider.  Feel free to comment on one, some, or all of the questions below by posting a reply to the blog.  Watch our Facebook page daily, too, for quotes and fun facts about these chapters as well!  If you have ideas for discussion questions, please post those, too!

Have a great week, friends… May there be smooth seas ahead of you!  Arrrrr!

Week of June 13: Prologue, Ch 1 (Fair Winds and Black Ships); Ch 2 (Lady Esmeralda); and Ch 3 (Dona Pirata) [Pages x-86]

Question 1: Already, we see Jack’s attachment to his tricorn hat started well before the Pirates movies.  What is YOUR favorite hat (with our without Mouse ears) and what does it say about you?

Question 2: On page 32, we find Jack rummaging through a chest with all his worldly possessions.  If you were about Jack’s ship with only one chest for your possessions, what are 3 things we would find in there?

Question 3: We are introduced to a number of new characters from those we meet in the movies.  Which one intrigues you so far?  What is one question you would ask him/her?

Question 4: What is your favorite Disney tidbit or inside piece of information (so far!) you discovered that made you smile?

Question 5: What is your early prediction about the meaning of the title of the book?