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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Reading Questions for Weeks 2 and 3

Disney Book Club

Happy summer, pirate fans!!  Hope you are enjoying the developing storyline for our friend Jack Sparrow, who in the last two week’s readings has finally achieved that longed for, illusive title of CAPTAIN!!!

The storyline has been very intriguing, and author Ann Crispin’s use of flashbacks enables us to learn about so many of the nuances of Jack’s earlier life and escapades….. and loves….  !!!

Here are the discussion questions for the last four chapters.  We are anxious to hear what you think!! Please post a reply to the blog to any–or all–of the questions!!

We will hit the halfway part of the book soon.  I already feel a screening of Pirates 1 when I am done, savvy?

Have a great week, mateys.


Discussion Questions:

1.  By the time we have finished these chapters, Jack has been on many pirate and merchant ships, with a curious assortment of names.  If YOU could name a ship for Captain Jack, what would it be and why?

2. We see throughout these chapters that Jack and Robby are quite a duo. Who is your favorite Disney duo, and why??

3. We learn a great deal about Cutler Beckett  and his need to “prove himself” to his family.  What Disney characters can you think of who have had the same kind of internal struggle for acceptance?  How is this character similar to and/or different from Beckett?

4. In page 116, Jack discusses his favorite book with Beckett.  If Captain Jack lived TODAY, what is a book you think he would enjoy reading?  Explain.

5. On page 174, Jack’s special compass makes its appearance.  It is described for its ability “to point the way to whatever the person holding it desired most.”  If you had possessed this compass as a child, towards what would the compass have pointed the way?