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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: The Price of Freedom, Discussion Questions for Chapters 9-14


Hello, friends!!  Hope this post finds you enjoying these lazy (?) days of summer and spending time with our friend Jack Sparrow, through the pages of the delightful The Price of Freedom by Ann Crispin.

Now that we are into the second half of the book, many parts of Captain Jack’s life, personality, and behavior are becoming clearer.. and fuzzier all at the same time!!  The moral fiber of Jack’s personality, I think, is what I am finding so riveting.  How about you?

Well, to focus our discussions, here are some questions to consider.  Please post your thoughts below.

Also, please start considering questions you may want to pose to the author as we approach our end-of-book celebration!

Discussion Questions:

1. Jack encounters one of my favorite characters from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride: the prison dog with the keys.  What other Disney character do you think she could weave into the storyline?  How would YOU put the character into the tale?

2. Jack strikes a deal with Cutler Beckett.  As I read this section (pg 270ish), I couldn’t help but think of the song “Reflection” from “Mulan.”  It feels like Jack is torn by who he wants to be.  If you could select a Disney song to be a theme song for this book, which would it be?  Why?

3. Imagine Disney created an exhibit entitled “Disney Heroes and Villains.”  Which of the characters listed would you expect to see in the heroes section and which in the villains (based upon where we are now in the book):  Christophe, Barbossa, Ayisha, Teague, Esmerelda, Jack.

4.   Ann has described vividly storms at sea.  Which Disney ride do you think someone should ride that would most closely simulate a ride during a storm at sea aboard a pirate ship?

5. In the first set of discussion questions, we made predictions about the meaning of the title of the book.  Now that we are halfway through, what does the title suggest to you and its relationship to the characters in the story?


If you have any thoughts of questions for Ms. Crisipin, please drop me a note at Christy@WDWRadio.com.

Thanks so much for your continued enthusiasm and support!!