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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Selection #3: Spinning Disney’s World READING CALENDAR

Welcome, Disney fans, to the latest WDW Radio Disney book club selection, Spinning Disney’s World: Memories of a Magic Kingdom Press Agent by Charles Ridgway.  This is our first non-fiction selection, and we thought it was a perfect choice as we prepare to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World!

Please join us as we relive the opening of the Magic Kingdom through the eyes of Charles “Charlie” Ridgway.  Mr. Ridgway is a Disney Legend and has a window on Main Street honoring his work with the Disney company.  He worked as a publicist for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and oversaw crucial turning points in the theme parks’ development.

We will allow a little time for those who have not yet obtained the book to do so.  Please see below for the reading calendar.

August 22:  Discussion questions for Chapters 1-3 will be published

August 29: Discussion questions for Chapters 4-6 will be published

September 5: Discussion questions for Chapters 7-9 will be published; Voting for book club #4 selection

September 12: Discussion questions for Chapters 10-12 will be published; Voting closes

September 19: Discussion questions for Chapters 13-15 will be published

September 26: Discussion questions for Chapters 16-18 will be published

October 3: Discussion questions for Chapters 19-21 will be published

October 10: Discussion questions for Chapters 22-Epilogue will be published

Please be sure you have joined the WDW Radio Facebook page, as we will be publishing links to articles, photos, and events that Mr. Ridgway references in his book. We hope this will enrich your reading experience!

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful journey through Disney history and that it will help you to feel as though “you were there” forty years ago, when the Happiest Place on Earth became a reality!

Have a great week, and happy reading!!  8:)