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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Spinning Disney’s World–Week #1

Welcome everyone for the start of our discussion for Charles Ridgway’s Spinning Disney’s World.  I hope you have been enjoying this glimpse into Disney history as much as I have!

In the first three chapters, Mr. Ridgway recounts his early experiences as a reporter and with Disneyland.  I have posted some discussion questions below.  Please feel free to comment on the questions or add ones of your own!  I am certain this is going to be a really fun discussion.

Have a magical week!

1. Imagine you were one of the reporters who was invited on a personal tour of Disneyland with Walt.  What question would you have asked?

2. On page 8, Mr. Ridgway quotes Walt Disney’s dedication to Disneyland and comments, “It was many years before I understood the full significance of those words.”  What do those words mean to you?

3. If you had been at Disneyland on opening day with Mr. Ridgway and could only have seen/done one thing, what would it have been?

4.  In chapter 3, Mr. Ridgway described Disneyland’s ticketing system of A, B, C, D, and E tickets.   He explained how “E ticket” today is “a synonym for the best of everything.”  If Walt Disney World were to re-institute this ticketing system today, what would be the ONE attraction in EACH park you would assign as an E ticket?

5. Mr. Ridgway concludes the third chapter by discussing “it’s a small world.”  Disneyland has changed its version of the attraction to include Disney characters like Ariel, Buzz, Nemo, and Jasmine.  What do you think about modifying “classic” Disney attractions?  Should they be modified and modernized or remain as they were?